Taliban claim complete control over Panjshir province

The resistance headed by the son of Ahmed Shah Massoud denies Taliban claims to take over Panjshir. Says the fight against the Taliban will continue.

Anti Taliban resistance troops training in Panjshir
Anti Taliban resistance troops training in Panjshir

On Monday, the Afghan Taliban claimed that they have now complete control over the Panjshir province located near Kabul. Panjshir, since Taliban capture of Kabul was the only place that Taliban fighters were unable to enter however now with Panjshir in their hands, they claim the complete capture of Afghanistan. The famed Taliban spokesman named ‘Zabihullah Mujahid’ confirmed this claim. He said, “With this victory, our country is completely taken out of the quagmire of war”.

Photos of Taliban in front of the Panjshir Provincial Governor’s ground further strengthened the claims. These photos started circulating on the Afghan social media thus strengthening the Taliban claim. People started to believe that Afghan last holding point have fallen into the hands of Taliban.


Soon after the news of Panjshir’s capture, the National Resistance Front came out and said that Taliban claims are false. NRF which is a resistance created to oppose Taliban in Afghanistan said that its troops are placed in strategic areas of Panjshir and Taliban have not yet captured it. An NRF spokesperson came out and said that the claims by Taliban are false and the NRF forces will continue to fight.

Details of the NRF and the Taliban tried for negotiations with them

The NRF which is a resistance group, is created by the son of Ahmed Shah Massoud (The Lion of Panjshir) alongside self declared President Amrullah Saleh. The resistance group contains Afghan locals that are loyal to Ahmed Shah Massoud and former members of the Afghan military. The group claims that it has an army of thousands and vowed resistance on Taliban right after they captured Kabul.

After news of Panjshir’s capture, the whereabouts of leader Ahmad Shah Massoud and Amrullah Saleh were unknown. Ahmed Shah Massoud however tweeted that he was safe.

While the NRF claims that Taliban has made no significant capture inside Panjshir. The Taliban claims that the province is now in their control.

Taliban spokesman right after the capture of Panjshir said that it has tried sitting and diplomatically solving problems with the resistance. Taliban however claimed that the resistance gave negative replies. The spokesman further claims that Taliban provided no harm to the civilians during the capture of Panjshir.


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