Switzerland is funding world’s largest solar power plant

Switzerland has begun a world biggest project of solar energy to fulfil its yearly needs. Energy crises are increasing rapidly in the world. Countries are trying new methods to increase electricity efficiency.

Climate change is causing major setbacks in energy layouts. Scientists are trying to find new way of energy. Solar energy is one of the famous ways these days. Switzerland has begun building largest solar energy power plant. On the remote location of LAKE MUTTSEE, 2500 meters ( 8200 fts) above sea level, expected to produce 2.2 Megawatt of electricity. It is one of the unique power plant. Panels placed diagonally in order to get more sunlight on that height. Total capacity of this plant supposed to be around 5,000 solar units to power 740 four-person households and 3.3 million kilowatt hours of electricity per year.

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Switzerland is investing on solar energy for quite some time. In 2019 there was 3.8 percent of solar energy dependency. After this plant it will be around 4.7 percent. It supposed to overcome energy crises in Switzerland. Since country faces dry summers, rapid rains and extreme winter seasons. Solar power plants are effective for short span of time.

Energy company Axpo is handling all the matters in this regard. Moreover they expects to complete this massive project till September. Panels placed using helicopters and latest technology. Exact amount of expenditures not revealed yet around CHF5.5 million ($6 million) expected to spend on this project so far. Company is hopeful that if this high altitude project is successful. It will fulfil energy needs for 20 years.

Work in progress on Muttsee Dam

Expected Drawbacks of plant

Besides this project has so many advantages but it also came with few perks. First of all there would be a minor problem with European Union. Switzerland imports energy from them so it means they have to find alternative ways as soon as possible. World is evolving in all aspects specially in cars and mobility. Electric cars are a new rage so demand will only increase with time. Furthermore country faces extreme winter season so production expected to cut in half in winters. Alternative sources of energy like fossil fuel or thermal or hydropower are still providing large amount of electricity. So Switzerland has to pursue more projects like this in near future.

By 2050, Switzerland is trying to cut carbon consumption in its industry. So besides these projects, country has to build more cost effective methods to fulfil needs of industry and business. It is safe to say that if this project is successful, Country will have a major breakthrough in energy outline.

project layout


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