Kashmiri Chai: Asian delicious delicacy of taste and tradition

Kashmiri chai holds a special place in Asian households. The creamy as well as salty unique taste makes it a special drink. Undoubtedly a healthy yet luscious cup of tea for all ages and occasions.

Kashmiri chai also known as Noon chai that means salty tea. Since salt used in authentic recipe so traditionally it called as noon (salt) chai. Other names are Shir Chai, Gulabi chai, Pink tea. The color of tea is pink because of tea leaves used in it. Special Gunpowder Tea used in process of making this tea. As its names suggests Kashmiri tea originates from Kashmir valley. But it is popular in different states of world specially Asia. Pakistan, India, Nepal, Russia, China and few other countries has their own versions of same tea.

Kashmiri chai

Ingredients are very simple in its making. Basically its tea leaves, milk, salt, sugar, baking soda and cold icy water. It made in special vessel called Samovar. Samovar is a unique two pots kind of tea brewing vessel. Commonly used in Russia but Kashmiri tea enthusiasts prefers to make it in samovar all over the world. Moreover different techniques used to make tea according to region and taste. It is a staple breakfast menu in Kashmir. Also serves after heavy traditional feasts.

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Cooking method is all you need to get the perfect cup of pink tea. You need fresh tea leaves because old leaves loses its chlorophyll levels by time. A perfect pinch of baking soda makes it frothy. A right amount of salt and sugar will enlighten its taste. Perfect boiling and cooking time will give you a freshly brewed frothy cup of tea. You can use any milk but creamy version of milk for example cashew milk preferred. Also served with almonds and pistachios.

Turkish Samovar for Kashmiri chai

Health Benefits of Kashmiri Chai

Besides the amazing taste and aroma, This chai also has health benefits. Daily use of Kashmiri chai can boosts your immune system. It releases stress, strengthens digestive system, helps to lose weight if you are fitness freak. You just have to cut sugar and milk from the tea. Furthermore it will help you to attain beautiful skin and texture. It will boosts your energy and fasten your metabolism. So a strong combination of chlorophyll (tea leaves) infused in bicarbonate powder (baking soda) can give you taste as well as other aspects too.

Gunpowder tea Leaves with roses

Cultural Importance of Kashmiri chai

Asians generally known as a tea lovers in all world. No occasion or feats in complete without tea. You can find Kashmiri chai in family gatherings, weddings, road side stalls etc. People are adopting pink tea instead of black tea because of health benefits. Besides it has unique taste as well. So if you visit Pakistan or any other Asian country, do give it a try and enjoy this small cup of heaven we call as Kashmiri Chai.

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