Taiwanese President gets first jab of local COVID-19 vaccine

As Taiwan came out with its own COVID-19 vaccine named ‘Medigen’. President, Tsai Ing-wen went out and received her first dose

Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen receiving her first shot of the Medigen vaccine
Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen receiving her first shot of the Medigen vaccine

TAIPEI, TAIWAN – On Monday 23rd August, Taiwanese President Tsai Ing wen got herself vaccinated with the first shot of locally developed COVID-19 vaccine named ‘Medigen’. She got the vaccine inside a hospital located in Taipei, where media persons were also present. President, Tsai Ing getting the vaccine gave ‘Medigen’ a sign of approval while also silencing the thousands of critics against the vaccine.

The Medigen vaccines started rolling out just last month when the Health Ministry of Taiwan approved its emergency use. Taiwan planned to develop the vaccine as a backup so that the country is self-sufficient in case the supply of foreign vaccine delays or ceases.

President Tsai in the past few months have held off from getting other foreign COVID-19 vaccines since she wanted one that Taiwan develops. Now that Taiwan came out with its own locally produced vaccine, she went and got one. This really shows her confidence and her passion for the growth of Taiwan.

To further show her confidence and trust in the vaccine, Tsai broadcasted her whole vaccine process on her Facebook page. She also shouted out a loud ‘No’ when one viewer asked if she was nervous about getting the vaccine.

A video displaying President Tsai Ing being vaccinated

The Medigen Vaccine

The Medigen COVID-19 Vaccine is developed by famous Taiwanese firm named ‘Medigen Vaccine Biologics Corp’. They developed it in collaboration with the National Institutes of Health, which is located in the US.

The Medigen COVID-19 Vaccine, like many other vaccines have a time duration between doses. People who get the first dose of Medigen are required to wait at least 28 days before they get the second shot.

Medigen is a protein subunit vaccine, which means that it contains specific isolated proteins. The MVC vaccine contains a spike protein of the SARS-CoV-2 (severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2). The vaccine however unlike some other vaccines does not require to be stored at super low temperatures and is usually stored between 2 to 8 degree Celsius.

The vaccine up until now has been approved for emergency use only and no citizen will be forced to take it. Moreover, the government has authorized the vaccine for ages 20 and above.

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Criticism upon the Vaccine’s urgent approval

While the Medigen vaccine have been on the roll for quite a few days, it has still not finished its clinical trials. With unfinished clinical trials, the health authorities were not able to bring out efficacy data. So how did Taiwanese health authorities approved of the vaccine? you might ask.

Well, the health authorities the measured level of anti bodies that the Medigen Vaccine develops in comparison to foreign vaccines. The authorities found out that the Medigen vaccine on an average produces 3.4x more anti bodies than AstraZeneca.

While this technique of comparison was effective and brought out positive results for Medigen, people believed that this was not the correct procedure of testing the vaccine.

A main criticizer behind the vaccines urgent approval was Taiwan’s number one opposing political party named ‘KMT’. KMT even went onto file a lawsuit against the approval of the vaccine. The court, however rejects the lawsuit.

KMT in criticism of the vaccines approval said that they do support the production of local COVID-19 vaccines. However, they oppose Medigen since they think that the authorities have rushed its release. KMT’s deputy head ‘Ho Chih-yung’ even went onto say, “There is no need for the lives and health of the Taiwanese people to serve as white rats in a laboratory”.

‘Medigen Vaccine Biologics’ rejected the claims made by the Taiwanese opponent party. They said that the vaccines are both highly effective and well tested.

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