Pakistan’s COVID-19 cases increase as Delta Variant spreads

Pakistan has reported over 4000 COVID-19 cases for the two consecutive days

ISLAMABAD, PAKISTAN – In the later part July 2021, Pakistan has experienced a sudden rise in the number of COVID-19 cases. This rise in cases occur because COVID’s new Delta variant is picking up pace. The current positivity rate has increased to 7.5 percent. More than 4000 cases have been reported in the last 2 days and the country for the first time since June 9 has recorded 76 deaths in 24 hours.

The number of active cases, as of now, is around 60,000 whereas 1000 have recovered in the last 24 hours, with more than 4000 in one day, the situation sure is bad. The government has requested citizens to start following all COVID precautions and SOP’s and have started to implement strict lockdowns all around the country.

The COVID-19 Delta Variant and officials reaction

The COVID-19 Delta Variant was first identified in India and was termed by WHO as the most transmissible variant by far. Delta then went on to affect a large percentage of the population. The Delta variant have now entered different Asian countries and is now rapidly spreading. Countries like Nepal and Indonesia are experiencing a sudden rise in the number of COVID-19 cases.

The COVID-19 Delta Variant is now picking up its pace in Pakistan and is spreading across all provinces. The country has noticed a sudden increase in the number of COVID-19 cases and has once again started to record multiple daily deaths.

These surely are alarming number and Pakistan’s government is working towards bringing them down by spreading awareness and implementing lockdowns where necessary. Recently PM Imran Khan also warned the nation about the dangers that COVID-19 Delta carries with itself.

Karachi alone equals the number of deaths in all other parts of the country

Karachi being the largest and the most populous city of Pakistan, have received the most number of COVID-19 Delta cases. The positivity rate has increased to around 25%. According to an analysis by researchers at the University of Karachi, there is a 92% prevalence of the Delta variant in Karachi. While daily COVID-19 death toll in the country was 44, Karachi alone had 43 deaths.

Deaths by Covid-19

The situation is alarming for the people living in Karachi. Strict lockdowns have already started throughout different localities. Authorities are also planning on implementing a complete 15-Days lockdown throughout Sindh.

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Increase in oxygen demand and limited capacity of hospitals

The COVID-19 Delta Variant is said to be extremely hard on lungs and can also cause lung infections. This damages the lungs and cause breathing problems. With the Delta Variant rapidly spreading, the demand for Oxygen cylinders have largely increased. People have started hoarding cylinders for emergency needs thus causing the demand to go even higher.

With around 60,000 active cases and thousands new each day. Hospitals, specially the one’s in Karachi have announced that if the cases kept increasing with such large numbers, they might run out of space soon.

COVID-19 Delta and the Vaccine confusion

Ever since the spread of COVID-19 Delta Variant, there has been a lot of news about how no vaccine works against it. Well, the claim is true to some extent since it can affect vaccinated people. This also largely depends upon the kind of vaccine used. As of now the Pfizer vaccine is proven to be the most effective against the delta variant.


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