The story behind ”Usman Mirza” case in Islamabad

The police should use all their energies to bring all the accused to justice and share the report with the PM office” says Prime Minister, Imran Khan.

ISLAMABAD, PAKISTAN – On 6th July, video of a man harassing and beating a couple, alongside a few of his friends, started to surface on Twitter and other social media platforms in Pakistan. In the video, a man named Usman Mirza, who is clearly intoxicated, starts to abuse and harass a couple later in the video. Then he gets angry at the man and wildly starts to slap him while continuing to abuse him.

The video got viral within a few hours on Twitter. Soon the name of Usman was uncovered and became a trend on Twitter. Authorities, within a few hours, arrested Usman and his other two friends that were in the video. An FIR and strong cases were registered against Usman and he is still under police custody.

The video sure was disturbing and was a clear case of abuse of both physical and sexual nature. Since Usman in the video is telling the couple to remove their clothes. However this video and the story behind this is much bigger than it looks. This video that surfaced in July is said to be recorded around 7 months back.

The story behind the incident

The story behind this video starts when the couple contacted a friend of theirs to arrange them a place or a flat where they can go and spend some time together. The friend whose name is said to be Ata-ur-Rehman told them that he has the keys to an apartment that one of his friends have rented and gave it to them. It was Usman mirza who had rented the flat. Usman is someone that was already famous on the locality for being a nefarious man.

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The couple spent a few hours in that flat, however later Usman Mirza alongside with four of his friends one of which was ‘Ata-ur-Rehman’ came and raided the flat while also filming it. When Usman and his friends came to raid the flat, they were clearly intoxicated. It is said about Usman and his company that they usually are intoxicated. After raiding the flat Usman and his friends sexually abused the couple. After abusing the couple, they filmed them while also threatening them. It is said that after beating the couple they also forcefully removed their clothes and raped them.

This incident happened approximately 7 months back. Ever since Usman filmed this incident, he constantly kept threatening both of them that he would release this video and make it viral if they don’t give him money. Reports say that in the period of 7 months, Usman took PKR 13 lac from the couple. Apart from blackmailing them to take large sums of money Usman also constantly called the girl and sexually assaulted her. However, after 7 months, the videos got leaked through WhatsApp groups and made their way to Twitter. 

After arresting Usman and his nefarious friends, Islamabad police went through their phones and other devices. Police found out a bunch of other photos and videos of different couples that they used to blackmail. It was also found out that Usman is fond of raiding couples and capturing their photos and videos just so that he can blackmail and use them later. It is also believed that Usman have previously sold such videos on the dark web.

Imran Khan and the Usman Mirza case

The case got much bigger as Prime Minister, Imran Khan jumped into it. The PM contacted the Islamabad police IG and other agencies to thoroughly investigate this matter and provide proper justice to the couple. Imran Khan also said that police and agencies should be on the lookout for more people like these.

Usman Mirza is currently under police custody and a 4-day remand will soon be issued so that police can get more insights into the case. As of now a PPC 354 has been registered against Usman. While the whole nation is pretty against as to what Usman and his friends did.

A few people also say that the couple was performing adultery which is obviously wrong and is a crime in Pakistan. They believe that if the couple would have followed the right path they wouldn’t have faced this. The intention of the couple was questionable and they should not hide their crime under victim card. However what Usman and his friends did was certainly wrong and they should be punished.

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