Bollywood Legend Dilip Kumar passes away at 98

Dilip Kumar took his last breath at 7th July, leaving a void in the hearts of Indian cinema fans

MUMBAI, INDIA – Bollywood Legendry Actor, Dilip Kumar’s soul left the world on Wednesday 7th July 2021. The news of his death made a whole lot of people in India shed tears. Dilip was admitted on June 30th due to a shortness of breath and took his last breath 7 days later. After his death, Bollywood legend was buried in the famous Juhu Qabristan of Mumbai with full state honors.

Many famous names of the Indian Entertainment industry including Amitabh Bachchan, Abhishek Bachchan etc. attended the funeral. After his death, people all over India were saddened, many people gave tributes and organized candle marches in respect of the departed soul.

Dilip’s wife Saira Banu thanked the Indian government and prime minister for the state honor burial.

Dilip’s is a name that took over the hearts of each and every Indian cinema fan. Dilip was a big name in the Indian cinema for a very long time. Starting his career in 1944 with ”Jwar Bhata” and retired in 1998 with ‘’Qila” being his last movie.

Bollywood Legend smiling for camera

The Bollywood Legend in his 50-year long career worked in over 65 films, most of which will forever be included in the list of Indian cinema’s best works. In this long career Dilip worked in legendary movies such as ”Azaad”, ”Mughal-e-Azam” and ”Kranti’’. The story line of Dilip’s movies and his excellent acting skills surely takes a person into the past.

Dilip played a wide variety of genres and roles through out his career, this shows just how excellent the actor he was. Throughout his career, the Bollywood legend did roles that usually ended with him being struck by a tragedy. Many of his movies ended with him dying as a drunkard or as a helpless lover thus awarding him the title of ”Tragedy King”.

Tragedy King and Queen

Tragedy for the Bollywood

The death of the legend, Dilip Kumar was not only tragic for Indian cinema fans but also for the actors and coworkers that worked alongside him. Dilip’s friendly nature and attitude made him a great friend for the people that worked alongside him and a great mentor for his junior actors. After the news of the Bollywood legend passing, a lot of old and new actors have come out on different platforms to pay tributes to Dilip Kumar.

Priyanka Chopra came out on her Twitter and shared several of Dilip Kumar’s famous dialogue that have long lived in the hearts of Indian Fans moreover Priyanka also wrote “Yusuf Saab’s contribution to the Arts is invaluable and irreplaceable. Today the curtains have come down on one of India’s greatest. An end of an era. My condolences to Saira ma’am and the family. Rest in peace.”

Amir khan came out on his Instagram and made a tributary post for Dilip Kumar. In the post Amir thanked Dilip for the gift he has given to India and also termed him as the greatest.

Abhishek Bachchan also came out on his Twitter and made a post. In the post he told his followers about the first time he worked with Dilip Kumar and how much he has learned from him. He also said that he is honored to have been in a film with Dilip.

 Now Dilip Kumar is no more with us but the tragedy king would surely live in our hearts and his name will be remembered every time Indian cinema is discussed. The industry surely will always be grateful to Dilip Kumar, many future filmmakers and aspiring actors can learn a whole lot of things from the work Dilip has left behind.

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