COVID-19: Pakistan records lowest death rate in 3rd wave

Since the 3rd wave, The number of deaths are high. This is the first time the country faced 20 fatalities in a day. Country recorded the lowest death rate in recent times.

ISLAMABAD, PAKISTAN – The start of 2021 wasn’t a very pleasant start for Pakistan. The country recorded an increasing number of cases with each passing day. Things got worse when the third wave of COVID 19 started to spread throughout Pakistan. During 3rd wave, hospitals and health centers in country started noticing a hike in number of daily cases.

Things got a little out of hand for a country when 3rd wave picked up its pace in April. The spread of the third wave of COVID-19 in April proved to be devastating for the country. With thousands of cases being recorded daily, a death toll of around 100 deaths each day was recorded in April. This unfortunate sitation carried on till the start of May and things were going bad for the country.

However, with effective measures taken by the government, the number of cases and deaths reduced. By end of May, the death toll never crosses 100 and the number of cases recorded each day also decreased. Pakistan’s government gave an excellent performance in making sure that SOP’s are followed. And with that the number of cases started decreasing by great numbers.

With the daily death toll barely crossing 50 in the start of June, throughout June the number of cases kept decreasing and so did the number of fatalities. On Sunday, June 27th the country recorded only 20 fatalities in one day.

This decrease of fatalities from 100 to 20 within a few months is significant progress. It is a victory for the Pakistan’s authorities, government and health workers. It was also a sigh of relief for the country’s residents which were devastated by the increase in the number of cases ever since COVID-19.

COVID-19 in the country

The first case of COVID-19 in Pakistan was recorded on 26th February 2020, a few more cases were recorded in the month of March 2020. After that, the virus took over different parts of the country affecting many people. The virus started to spread in late March and caused many deaths in the month of April.

The principal of the school sanitizing the children before entry.

However things were the worst in June and July with more death toll reaching to 150 per day. After that the number of cases were stable up until the 3rd wave started. The 3rd wave was effectively tackled and now that the number of deaths are at its lowest since February, things are good for the Pakistan.

The country’s health officials and its current government made celebratory statements regarding the matter. This is surely a win for them if the number of cases and deaths are stabilized and the spread of COVID is effectively reduced.

As of now, things are going good for Pakistan, this means that the country’s economy that was previously experienced a big shock by businesses being shut down will now be able to get back on its feet. This is surely a good news for the whole business community of Pakistan.

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