US President Biden Congratulates Narendra Modi on Election Win

US President Joe Biden extended his congratulations to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi following his recent electoral victory. In a phone call, Biden praised the strength of the US-India friendship and discussed upcoming plans for cooperation, including the visit of his national security adviser to India.

The United States has expressed eagerness to collaborate with India in ensuring a free and open Indo-Pacific region. This sentiment reflects the deepening ties between the two nations, driven by shared concerns about China’s increasing influence.

Despite these shared interests, concerns about human rights have been raised, particularly regarding the treatment of minorities in India. The US has emphasized its commitment to addressing these concerns openly with New Delhi while acknowledging the importance of their partnership.

The call between Biden and Modi did not specify the date of the upcoming visit by the US national security adviser. However, participants expect to focus discussions on shared priorities, including technology and other areas of cooperation.

Recent events, such as the discovery of assassination plots against Sikh separatists in Canada and the US, have strained relations between the two countries. Both incidents involved allegations linking Indian government officials to the plots, raising questions about accountability and consequences.

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While India has expressed concerns and pledged to investigate the allegations, political analysts suggest that the US may tread carefully in its public criticism due to its strategic interest in India as a counterweight to China.

Trudeau Responds to Biden’s Message

In response to the congratulatory message from Biden, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau also extended his best wishes to Modi, emphasizing the importance of advancing ties based on principles of human rights, diversity, and the rule of law.

Overall, while congratulatory messages highlight the continued strengthening of diplomatic ties between the US, Canada, and India, underlying concerns about human rights and accountability underscore the complexities of the relationship in the face of geopolitical challenges.

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