Human Rights Activist Sarim Burney Arrested for Human Trafficking

Human rights activist Sarim Burney was arrested by the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) in Karachi, Pakistan. He is accused of involvement in child trafficking by way of illegal adoptions. Burney maintains his innocence and denies the allegations.

In a shocking turn of events, prominent human rights activist Sarim Burney was arrested by the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) upon arrival at Karachi Airport on Wednesday. Moreover, FIA officials said Burney was facing charges of illegally trafficking 25 children to the US.

According to the FIR, “Sarim Burney and his associates Basalat Ali Khan, Humaira Naz and others, in collusion with each other knowingly and wilfully gave false information, made misdeclaration as well as concealment of the facts before the Hon’ble Family Courts District East Karachi in the garb of illegal adoption/guardianship of three baby girls by using and providing fraudulent documents.”

Burney is the founder and chairman of the Sarim Burney Welfare Trust, a non-profit organization that aids vulnerable children and women. He is accused of involvement in serious crimes, including human trafficking. The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) had been monitoring his activities for a while before making the arrest.

Sources say Burney was apprehended in a joint operation conducted by the FIA and a US agency the moment he landed at Karachi Airport from the United States. Following his arrest, Burney was taken to the FIA office where a legal team have gathered to meet with him.

Burney, however, maintains his innocence. In a video message recorded before his arrest, he vehemently denied the charges and vowed to reveal the truth. His legal team is preparing his defense.

Horrors Of Human Trafficking

This arrest is part of a larger crackdown by the FIA on human trafficking across Pakistan. Recently, FIA officials arrested nine individuals, including a senior government officer, for their involvement in human smuggling operations. This gang had reportedly issued fake educational certificates and facilitated the illegal migration of around 250 people, charging them between Rs 1.5 to 2 million each.

The FIA continues its efforts to combat human trafficking and bring those responsible to justice. Moreover, as the investigation unfolds, it remains to be seen whether the charges against Burney hold merit.

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