PM Announces Public Holiday on May 28

PM Shehbaz Sharif declares May 28 as a public holiday in Pakistan. He announces this on Monday to honor Youm-e-Takbeer, a significant day in Pakistan’s history.  On May 28, 1998, Pakistan conducted successful nuclear tests in the Chaghai hills, marking the country’s entry into the nuclear club.

PM Shehbaz emphasized the importance of Youm-e-Takbeer, stating that it symbolizes the unity and determination of the Pakistani nation to protect the country’s defense. He stressed that this day serves as a reminder that the nation will never compromise on its defense despite any external pressure.

He highlighted the unity of political and defense forces under the green crescent flag, aiming to strengthen national defense. The Prime Minister also paid tribute to former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and the Pakistan Army for their roles in making Pakistan’s defense invincible. Additionally, he acknowledged former Prime Minister Zulfikar Ali Bhutto for initiating Pakistan’s nuclear program and praised the scientists who contributed to its success.

Shehbaz Sharif assured the nation of his commitment to work hard for the economic security of the country, just as the defense was secured on May 28, 1998.

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The nuclear tests conducted on this day showcased Pakistan’s resolve to safeguard its territorial integrity and maintain strategic balance in South Asia. The first nuclear test by Pakistan was a response to India’s nuclear test in 1974, leading Pakistan to advance its nuclear program with greater determination.

Seventh Nation in the World to Possess Nuclear Weapon

On May 28, 1998, amid chants of “Allah-o-Akbar”, Pakistan conducted its first test in the Ras Koh hills of Chaghai District, Balochistan. This made Pakistan the seventh nation in the world and also the first in the Muslim world to possess nuclear weapons.

Pakistan remains committed to promoting peace and stability in South Asia while ensuring it can defend against any aggression. The country adheres to international standards on export controls and nuclear safety, contributing to the global non-proliferation regime.

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