Farhan Akhtar’s Next: Inspired by the Battle of Rezang La?

Farhan Akhtar’s upcoming project, directed by Razneesh Ghai, might be set against the legendary Battle of Rezang La. This iconic fight, a part of the 1962 Indo-China War, witnessed the unwavering courage of 120 Indian soldiers who faced off against a Chinese force of over 5000.

Farhan Akhtar, the Bollywood star, seems to be steering towards a different project than initially planned. He is all set to bring back the glorious time of the Battle of Rezang La with other endeavors. Here’s the scoop:

Instead of jumping into the director’s chair for the next “Don” movie, Farhan Akhtar is gearing up for something entirely different. He’s set to star in a film directed by Razneesh Ghai. This project comes after Akhtar’s announcement of Ranveer Singh replacing Shah Rukh Khan in the upcoming Don 3. Moreover, with this new film taking priority, Don 3’s shooting is reportedly pushed back to next year.

What’s the story? Well, brace yourselves for a tale of bravery and courage. This upcoming film is rumored to revolve around the Battle of Rezang La. For those not familiar, it’s a remarkable chapter from the 1962 Indo-China War. A small Indian contingent took on a massive Chinese force. However, the story might get mixed reviews if they did not state the facts right.

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The movie aims to honor the courageous souls who fought tooth and nail in that historic battle. It’s said to be a heartfelt tribute to the 120 Indian soldiers who stood firm against overwhelming odds, sacrificing their lives to defend their post.

While the release date is still up in the air, filming is slated to kick off in July 2024. Moreover, this unexpected shift in focus means that the much-anticipated “Don” sequel will have to wait a bit longer.

Although nothing’s officially confirmed yet, whispers within Bollywood circles suggest that the Battle of Rezang La might take center stage in Farhan Akhtar’s new project. With Razneesh Ghai’s military background, there’s a lot of buzz around the potential for this film to be a poignant portrayal of heroism and sacrifice.

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