Veteran Actress Mumtaz Calls for Lifting Ban on Pakistani Actors

Veteran actress Mumtaz recently appealed to lift the ban on Pakistani actors in Bollywood. Her comments come after a trip to Pakistan where she interacted with Pakistani artists. Mumtaz highlighted the talent of Pakistani actors and singers and the warm hospitality she received during her visit.

Renowned Indian veteran actress Mumtaz recently visited Pakistan with her sister Mallika. She talked about her trip on Instagram, sharing how warmly she was welcomed by Pakistani artists. She mentioned special moments like Fawad Khan arranging a private restaurant and Rahat Fateh Ali Khan performing despite being sick. Reflecting on her experiences with artists like Ghulam Ali, Mumtaz remarked, “They are just like us.”

Mumtaz believes that Pakistani artists should be allowed to work in Bollywood again. She thinks it’s important to have good relations between the entertainment industries of both countries. Mumtaz praised the talent in both India and Pakistan and thinks they should collaborate more.

“They should be allowed to come and work here. They are talented,” she asserted, advocating for opportunities for Pakistani artists in Bollywood.

“I agree we have no dearth of talent in the Mumbai film industry but they (Pakistani artists) should also be given a chance,” she stated, underscoring the significance of providing equal opportunities to artists across borders.

Mumtaz recently grabbed attention for her views on live-in relationships and her dig at fellow actor Zeenat Aman’s marriage.

Reason Of Ban

The ban on Pakistani artists in Bollywood started after the 2016 Uri terror attack. Officially, the Bombay High Court dismissed a petition aiming to ban Pakistani artists from performing or working in India in 2023.

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Many people in India supported the ban because of tensions between the two countries. Even though Mumtaz is advocating for lifting the ban, organizations like the Indian Motion Picture Producers Association and the Federation of Western India Cine Employees are still against it. Moreover, they think it’s a matter of security and patriotism.

Mumtaz’s appeal reflects a growing sentiment that cultural exchange can bridge political divides. Whether her voice will sway policymakers and industry leaders remains to be seen, but it has certainly stirred renewed conversation on this complex topic.

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