UAE Hits With Severe Flooding After Heaviest Rainfall in 75 Years

On Wednesday, the government of the UAE  issued a weather alert due to ongoing severe weather conditions. 

The United Arab Emirates has faced three consecutive days of thunderstorms and lightning. The government takes precautionary measures and alerts the residents. They advised students and government employees to remain indoors and only leave their house premises when extremely necessary.  

Reports highlight record-breaking rainfall, which causes flooding in major areas of Dubai and Sharjah. These worse weather conditions disrupt their daily lives. Heavy rains cause the closure of major highways and disruptions to airport operations and other modes of transportation.

According to reports, this rainfall has broken a 75-year record since data collection began in 1949. The highest rainfall was recorded in the Khatm Al Shakla area of Al Ain. It reached 24mm in less than 24 hours. 

Although the UAE usually encounters little rainfall because of its desert climate, the recent downpour has raised questions about its cause. Some sources suggest that cloud seeding, a method involving the release of special salt flares into clouds to induce rain, may have contributed to the intense rainfall.

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However, meteorological specialists like Chris England, associated with Sky News, attribute the storm to climate change and inadequate infrastructure to handle such extreme weather events. 

The situation in the United Arab Emirates reflects similar weather-related challenges in neighboring countries like Oman. The same weather system from the Arabian Sea caused widespread damage and claimed this period of adverse weather conditions. 24 people lost their lives due to the same weather conditions in Oman. 

According to climate scientists, the cause of extreme weather conditions is climate change. As the UAE government issues warnings and advises precautions, residents are urged to stay informed about updates from local authorities. They should also prioritize their safety during this period of adverse weather conditions. 

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