Male Octopus Laid 50 Eggs In Edmond, Oklahoma

Terrance, the internet-famous male octopus, turned out to be a female! The California two-spot octopus, who captured hearts on TikTok, laid a clutch of eggs that everyone thought were infertile. But plot twist – baby octopuses hatched, proving Terrance was a momma octopus all along!

In Edmond, Oklahoma, Cameron Clifford fulfilled his son’s dream by getting him a pet male octopus named Terrance. But what started as simple pet ownership turned into a surprise when they discovered Terrance was actually a female octopus, laying 50 eggs in her tank. The real shock came when one of the supposedly unfertilized eggs hatched into a baby octopus, turning their family of three into a family of 51.

Taking care of all these octopuses has been challenging and costly for the Cliffords, but they’ve found joy in the experience. Cameron’s TikTok videos about their journey have gained millions of views, drawing support from people across the country.

The channel, @doctoktopus, has exploded in popularity, with viewers eager for glimpses of the adorable baby octopuses. The little ones even have their own celebrity names, including Rocket Larry, Squid Cudi, and Swim Shady.

Their story began with Cal, who has been fascinated by octopuses since he was very young. His love for these creatures led his dad to buy Terrance from a local aquarium store. Despite initial doubts from experts about owning an octopus as a pet, the family went ahead and got one.

New Challenges

The unexpected arrival of Terrance’s babies posed a new challenge for the Cliffords. They had to learn how to care for the delicate creatures and find ways to ensure their survival. With the help of a retired radiologist named Tim Tytle, who also owns octopuses, they managed to navigate the complexities of raising octopus babies.

Now, Cameron and Tim are on a mission to find good homes for the baby octopuses. They’re reaching out to research institutes, aquariums, and sanctuaries to ensure the babies are placed in environments where they can thrive.

The Cliffords are now facing the exciting challenge of raising dozens of these intelligent creatures, and their TikTok audience is eagerly following along for the ride.

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