Belgian City Hosted A 2 KM Long Easter-Ramadan Dinner

The Belgian city of Antwerp’s Borgerhout district attempted to break the record for the longest community dinner table. Their goal was to create a table stretching for an impressive 2 kilometers to celebrate both Easter and Ramadan together. This event aimed to bring people together and promote community spirit.

In Antwerp, Belgium, something incredible happened this past Sunday. Around 7,000 people gathered together in Borgerhout to share a meal and celebrate both Easter and Ramadan. It was set around a dinner table that stretched an astonishing two kilometers (2,011 meters) long, breaking the Belgian city record for the longest table ever!

Last year, Borgerhout made headlines by organizing a community meal around a one-kilometer-long table. This year, they decided to go even bigger to include more people. Because Easter and Ramadan coincided, organizers thought it was the perfect opportunity to bring everyone together, no matter their background or religion.

People from all walks of life came to join in the festivities. Whether they were celebrating Easter, enjoying iftar (the meal that breaks the fast during Ramadan), or simply looking for a delicious meal, everyone was welcome.

Even some important politicians, like Deputy Prime Minister Petra de Sutter and Borgerhout Mayor Marian El Osri, attended the event. Mayor El Osri highlighted the importance of bringing people together and promoting dialogue.

According to Latifa El Morabit from the socio-cultural organization FMV, the menu reflected the diversity of the attendees. They served Flemish potato salad, but also Palestinian maklouba, a dish of upside-down rice often eaten in Syria. And of course, there was Moroccan harira, a spicy soup with which Muslims often break their fast. The event truly showcased the beauty of different traditions coming together.

The event also aims to be environmentally friendly, promoting itself as zero waste, thanks to only reusable materials. In addition, diners are asked to be mindful of the amount of food they bring to avoid unnecessary food waste.

Whether the record for the longest table was broken or not, the event undoubtedly promoted cultural understanding and harmony in Antwerp.

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