PIA Air Hostess Arrested in Toronto for Illegal Activity

A Pakistani International Airlines (PIA) flight attendant, Hina Sani, has been arrested at Toronto Airport. When she was on duty for flight PK-789 from Lahore to Toronto, authorities discovered passports belonging to individuals not related to her.

Inside details revealed that this is not the first time concerns have been raised about the air hostess’s behavior. Earlier, she was warned for allegedly bringing illegal items into Canada. 

It has also been disclosed that Hira Sani is related to a renowned Pakistani singer and a social media model herself. Her arrest has drawn significant attention and raised questions about the circumstances. 

Moreover, investigations also show that seven other flight attendants were with Hina Sani on PK-789. They were all marked as “no flyers” by the airline in Toronto. Sources also tell us that this crew got special permission from the deputy general manager (DGM) of flight services. Canadian authorities also questioned two other air hostesses but let them go after interrogation. 

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Taking the passport of someone else while traveling is an international crime. 

After this incident, Abdullah Khan, a PIA spokesperson, said that they were aware of the incident and cooperating with Canadian authorities. “We will support their investigation and take any necessary legal steps,” he said. 

Previous Incidents Highlight Persistent Issues with PIA Staff

This is not the first time a PIA staff member has caused concern in Canada. Recently, Maryam Raza, an air hostess of the national flag, disappeared while on duty in Toronto. She left a note expressing gratitude to PIA, written as “Thank you, PIA.”.

In January, one more PIA crew member, Faiza Mukhtar, went missing in Canada. She was scheduled to work on flight PK-784 back to Karachi but didn’t show up. Sources tell us that she left behind a young son. 

PIA is taking disciplinary action against Faiza Mukhtar. They will involve the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) too. These incidents raise concerns about PIA staff’s behavior and security measures. Authorities need to ensure the safety and integrity of airline operations.

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