Reasons for divorce…..Weird or disgusting?

You never know what can be valid reasons for divorce in a marriage. People come up with insane reasons to get separated. People are unique lot, and the causes of divorce sometimes are centered on rather silly things.

You’ve heard the statistic that about 50% of marriages end in divorce. And usually, it’s due to infidelity, growing apart, or financial stress. But not always. Sometimes, issues far stranger are to blame. Here, 9 truly surprising issues linked to divorce.

My wife is evil

Literally! An Italian man tried to divorce his wife as he believed she was possessed by the devil. He claimed that since 2007, he had seen her do unnatural things such as odd body-stiffening and strangest of all, he alleges to have seen her levitate. The judge did grant a divorce after several attempts but reassuringly refused to blame the wife. She is still out there and as far as we know, has not been exorcised so gentleman beware and women, beware of this Italian man who is also still on the loose. Not sure who is worse?

Wife refused to make tea

In 1985, a man sought and received a divorce after his wife of one and a half months refused to prepare tea for him and his friends, humiliating him. He further stated that when she did prepare tea for him on “few occasions,” it was inedible and disgusting because she never used the proper quantity of sugar and milk. He was horrified by her inability to brew anything as simple as tea. This rationale and the fact that she had an abortion without his knowledge amounted to mental abuse and was sufficient for the court to recognize these as real grounds for divorce.

Voted out and divorce

Earlier this year, a California woman left her husband of 22 years when she found out he had voted for President Donald J. Trump. Apparently, this “betrayal,” as she put it, was the tipping point. “It opened up areas between us I had not faced before,” she explained.

Game Enthusiast

A unique case came when a husband has a suspicion on his wife. She went out daily and came in the morning driving around. He filed for divorce after a while. But it turns out to be an interesting revelation. She loves Pokémon Go and she wanders around the city in order to catch new Pokémon’s every single day. But this revelation did not save the marriage and eventually they got separated.

It’s me or the dog or divorce

In Romania, a woman divorced her husband for feeding all the stray dogs in the neighbourhood.  It was OK when he started saving scraps of food for the odd one or two dogs but by the end of the marriage they were eating the couple out of house and home.  When she realised the house was out of food (again) she filed for divorce.

… or cat

Similarly, an Israeli man divorced his wife after the 550 – yes that’s right, 550 – cats she had adopted got a bit much.

… or camel

A man in Saudi divorced his wife because she said she preferred her father’s camel to him.  I guess he got the hump…

A sticky situation

Also in England, a woman filed for divorce because her husband had not spoken to her for 15 years. He had communicated with her, but only by Post-it note.

Frozen out

For one Japanese couple who had been married for six years, the movie Frozen was the deal-breaker. After watching it, he made the mistake of asking her, “Did you really think it was that good?” Well, apparently, she did, and the fact that he could even ask that question made her question what sort of person he was. And she couldn’t seem to “let it go,” moving out of their marital residence soon after.

Morning Routine or Divorce?

Every morning this couple would sit in the bathroom together while one of them had their morning dump. One would sit on the toilet, and the other would sit on the edge of the bathtub. This particular morning, the wife was on the toilet, and the husband was on the edge of the tub. They started to argue about their relationship, so the wife reached down, pulled out her tampon, and flung it at him. He filed for divorce the same day. Disgusting enough eh….

He built a wall

Literally. In 2009, a German woman filed for divorce after her husband knocked down and rebuilt a wall in their home—because (he said) it got dirty. This was apparently the final straw in a 15-year marriage during which the husband obsessively cleaned the house and rearranged the furniture.

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