Pakistan received the least applications for Hajj 2023

Due to massive inflation and rupee devaluation, hajj 2023 seems difficult for all Pakistanis. Pakistan’s total quota for Hajj 2023 is 179,210 pilgrims. Ministry of hajj received 89500 applications so far.

Hajj is the most auspicious and beloved pilgrimage for Muslims all over the world. But this year things are quite difficult for Pakistani pilgrims. The total quota for Pakistan for Hajj 2023 is 179,210 persons. But banks and the ministry saw a huge low in getting applications. Ministry has only received 89,500 applications so far.

Balloting for pilgrims was on April 2nd, 2023. But due to fewer applications, balloting was postponed. Later according to the latest news, there will be no balloting this year. Instead, every applicant is going on Hajj this year without any wait.

Hajj 2023             Quota  Applications received
Regular Hajj Scheme43,00030,000
Sponsorship Hajj Scheme46,0006,000
Private Hajj Scheme89,605

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Religious Affairs contacted the Ministry of Finance and asked additional $235 million to send pilgrims on Hajj and in case the funds are arranged, all pilgrims of the regular scheme could be sent to Hajj without balloting.

The Sponsorship Hajj Scheme was introduced to inject foreign currency into the dwindling foreign exchange reserves of the country under which it was announced that those who deposit money in foreign currency would not have to go through balloting.

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As per the Hajj Policy 2023 announced earlier this month, pilgrims in northern Pakistan were to pay Rs1.175 million for Hajj while people in the southern part would be charged Rs1.165 million.

“The price of Hajj has risen due to rupee devaluation,” Mufti Abdul Shakoor had said back then.

It was about the time when Hajj and Umrah were considered the most pious act in Islam. But this year Pakistanis can only dream of going to those holy cities and asking for forgiveness. Maybe next year things get better and most of the Pakistanis can make it.

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