Maria B bashes “Kuch Ankahi” for promoting Joyland.

Maria B bashes latest Sajal drama for ‘promoting Joyland’ subliminally pushing ‘agenda’. Maria B just expressed her opinion on the new drama “Kuch Ankahi”. She did not have anything good to say.

Kuch Ankahi offers a refreshing change for Pakistani drama enthusiasts. With its nuanced approach to gender roles, the portrayal of non-romantic relationships, its inclusive plot, and relatable narrative, the show has captivated viewers of all ages.

Praises for the serial have been pouring in since its first episode aired. However, designer Maria Butt, popularly known as Maria B, is not impressed. Taking to her Instagram Stories, the entrepreneur decided to share a screengrab of the show to condemn how dramas are now promoting Joyland and thereby, transgenders, subliminally.

She wrote, “We also have dramas promoting Joyland/transgenders subliminally. We are not stupid. We get it!”. She asked fellow Pakistanis to “wake up,” she urged, “see the new agenda“. The designer clarified, “Rather than trying to save Pakistan, we are selling our religious identity.”

Butt also wrote about the fight for the rights of our intersex community, in another Instagram story. They have endured 75 years of torment and now the rights of actual intersex individuals are being taken over by transgender communities. We’ll keep fighting to end this injustice. She added. Maria’s most recent criticism of Joyland. Which features a transgender performer and a trans love story, is a part of her ongoing campaign against transgender rights.

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This instance hasn’t been the first time that the designer lambasted Saim Sadiq’s directorial for its allegedly objectionable material. She openly opposed Joyland’s release and even celebrated its ban.

While viewers are finding more and more reasons to admire the latest Sajal and Bilal Abbas-starrer, Butt’s latest call out is part of her crusade against transgender rights and now, Joyland, which stars a transgender actor and sees a trans love story.

Fans have already picked sides. People against Maria B are mostly supporters of the LGBTQ+ and transgender community. Supporting her are the people who are strongly opinionated about Islamic principles, wrongs, and rights.

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