5 event planners you should consider for your D-Day

Weddings are a great affair in all desi households. For the best services and management, we come up with the 5 best event planners for your D-Day. They will bring your dreams into reality for sure.

In recent years weddings have become a royal affair. Every bride and groom wants their big day to be unique and extravagant. To complete their vision, in reality, a lot of event planner companies came into the market. These event planners make sure that all the events of your wedding go smooth and without fail. Whether you want some extra dance routine on your mehndi, or special entrance on barat, these companies has it all.

The main tasks of these companies are

  • Program design and style
  • Scouting location
  • Photography
  • Interview couples and parents to identify their needs.
  • Budget preparation
  • Plan a detailed checklist (a few days before the wedding, a year in advance).
  • Preparation of a list of participants
  • Identify the locations of events (hotels, party houses, ceremonies, churches, temples, etc.)
  • Achieve custom decoration, such as travel map
  • Wedding Day Delivery / Services Contact
  • Make a backup plan in the event of a disaster.
  • Manages programming, often through software.
  • Help and prepare legal documents and translations – especially for destination weddings.
  • Program layout indicating the location of the dance floor, buffet points, tables, chairs, lounges, etc.
  • Program Briefing for All Suppliers (Contact Wedding Week Vendors for Details and Schedules)
  • Combine wedding day, conference and assembly follow-up before the event

Top 5 event management companies

Here is our top favorite companies that can turn your dreamy event planners for D-Day into fairytale easily.

  1. Acropolis

Acropolis is a Karachi based event management and wedding planning company that had gained customer satisfaction in the last few years.

They arrange every event of the wedding from mehndi to valima and they also offer some extra services such as Valet Parking, 100 KVA Backup Generator, Indoor & Outdoor Air-Conditioning Facilities, Abundant Guest Parking, Safe and Secure Environment.

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2. Ted Events

Top of the list, hands down, is Ted Events. New in the game but quickly rising to the top, these guys are special because they cover ‘any event you can think of and not just weddings. What’s even more special is that they will take care of every single thing on your to-do list. Imagine that!!!

3. A2Z events Management Company

A2Z events solutions arranges the entire wedding event and offer good packages. They have their office in Lahore. They are in this business over last two decades now and offer competitive prices and that’s the best thing about them.

4. Evento

Evento is one of the few event wedding planners of Pakistan, offering a variety of wedding event themes. For traditional mehndi, revels of Barat and Valima, our doors are opened for you with unique ideas and high team spirits in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad.

Decorations create an environment and Evento specializes in setup designing. Working with the most competent and artistic set designers of Pakistan, we work to create a design that turns the pleasant mode on for every guest attending the wedding.

5. Making Memories
It is a well known Lahore based company for event designing and management, also providing services in many other cities. They arrange thematic weddings within minimum time and selected budget. They are expert in providing turnkey events.

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