Suspect Khurram Nisar Fled to Sweden after Shooting a Policeman

Khurram Nisar, the accused who shot dead policeman Abdul Rahman in the Defense Housing Authority (DHA) Phase 5 area of ​​Karachi on Monday night, has escaped from Pakistan.

According to reports, the accused is the son of a former deputy commissioner and had recently returned from Sweden.

The video footage released after the incident shows the altercation between Abdul Rehman and Khurram Nisar. Footage of the shooting was captured by a CCTV camera showing Abdul Rehman and Khurram Nisar getting out of the passenger seat and the driver’s seat respectively of a black windowed vehicle.

FIA immigration sources have confirmed that Khurram Nisar managed to go abroad. The accused reached the Karachi airport between 2 and 3 pm after the incident on Tuesday weekdays and took a flight.

Sources revealed that the accused used a Swedish passport for immigration and boarded Turkish Air flight TK-709. The flight departed from Karachi to Istanbul at 5:55 am.

The police had written to the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) Immigration Islamabad to include Khurram Nisar’s name in the Exit Control List (ECL).

DIG South Irfan Baloch told the media that the policeman accompanying Abdul Rehman recorded his statement, according to which he saw Khurram Nisar forcing a woman into a car near the boat basin. Baloch said that when the policemen approached Khurram Nisar, the woman ran away, when they tried to control her, but she could not hold her gun when she resisted.

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It happened when Abdul Rahman sat in the car with Khurram Nisar, and another policeman followed him. The DIG said that the policemen tried to take Khurram Nisar to Derakhshan police station but he increased the speed of his vehicle. On this, Abdul Rahman tried to stop Khurram Nisar, so both got out of the car. He added that the two got into an argument and pointed their guns at each other.

Police say that a copy of Khurram Nisar’s passport has also been seized and the search is on for the vehicle in which he fled, the houses of his friends are also being searched, while Khurram Nisar’s photos and Details of their travel documents have been obtained. Provided at airports. Meanwhile, the statement of the police officer who accompanied Abdul Rahman is also being investigated.

A case was registered on the complaint of the sub-inspector at Derakhshan police station. The suspects are accused of terrorism, murder, and shooting at a police officer.

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