Fake Tracking (Pigeon trick)

Fake Tacking (Pigeon trick) or the “Kabootar trick” is a common scam on Amazon. Pakistan’s fraudulent vendors invented this scam trick for Amazon buyers. Amazon has recently seen a boom of Pakistani sellers on its platform. This is because of the rise of a Pakistani Amazon Guru “Sunny Ali”. People are converging more and more towards Amazon retail selling and other services on Amazon. However, with this rise, amazon saw a new challenge on its platform. Pakistan fraud vendors invented the Pigeon trick to scam people on Amazon.

Fake Tracking (Pigeon trick)
Fake Tracking (Pigeon trick)

Amazon has evolved severely over the few years. Amazon has evolved its techniques by facing one of the worst scamming industries in India. This is the reason why Amazon has a sophisticated process of setting an order and releasing payment. Amazon has evolved into an escrow system. 

This means that the platform holds the payment from the sellers until the buyer confirms that the package is en route. This way the buyers pay firsthand before placing the order. Amazon then keeps the money with itself and informs the seller to ship the package. After shipping the package, the seller provides the buyer with package tracking. Upon receiving it, the buyer confirms that the package has been shipped to his/her location. Once Amazon receives confirmation from the buyer, it then releases the payment to the vendor/seller account in about 10 to 15 days.

However, Pakistani vendors from a few specific locations saw a loophole within this system. After this, the Pakistani vendors started creating accounts on Amazon and posted fake products on these accounts. If any buyer would place an order with these scammers, they would simply generate a fake tracking link. They would inform the buyer that they will receive their package within 20 to 25 days. After the buyer confirms Amazon about the shipping, Amazon would then release the payment in 10 days to the seller. The seller would then withdraw this money from Amazon, but the buyer would never have his package because it was never shipped.

This is one of the most used scam tricks by Pakistani vendors. Amazon shut down more than 13,000 Pakistani amazon accounts once they figured out this scam. However, there are many authentic Pakistani sellers on Amazon as well but the overall image is badly disrupted by this news.

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