NASA just crashed a spacecraft into an asteroid to change its course

NASA developed a new defense system to protect earth, in which a spacecraft is crashed into asteroid to change its course. This new defense system will not protect us from any humans on earth but from the dangers of space. NASA just experimented with this new defense system quite recently when a spacecraft was use to deflect a space rock from its original course. NASA used one of its own spacecraft and slammed the space rock in an experiment to check the new idea of a defense system against Asteroids. The collision happened around 7 million miles away from the earth with no danger of having any backlashes at all. NASA’s spacecraft named “DART” used for the collision. The spacecraft collided with the space rock at a speed of around 14,000 miles per hour. 

Scientists had the idea to slam the Rocket into the rock, so that it may completely explode. Scientists expected that this would result in smaller pieces of the space rock. Which in return would ultimately divert the asteroid’s path in another direction. The mission to design a self-destructive rocket to defend the earth had a cost of around $325 million. The system made a success on the first attempt as the rocket collided with the rock. NASA was continuously monitoring DART’s radio signals. When the transmission came to a halt, NASA indicated a successful impact.

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However, it will take months to actually calculate the Asteroids diversion. But for now, Scientists are happy that the rocket was successful in destroying the asteroid. NASA scientists claim the project to be successful. They said that the Planet now has a complete defense system. This defense system can be use in the future if there is any chance of an asteroid collision.

NASA says that the DART rocket has the length of only a vending machine. But it managed to destroy a 525-foot large asteroid. Johns Hopkins Univerity’s Applied Physics Laboratory took the mission of designing the Spacecraft. The diversion is only 1% for now. This may not seem much for normal people but scientists believe that this rate would increase with extensive research. NASA is claiming this new development to be an efficient protection system. This protection system would protect the earth from any scenario that likely caused the extinction of the dinosaurs. 

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