Samaa TV launches UK transmission

Samaa TV, Pakistan’s leading Urdu-language news and current affairs channel, was inspired by its success in the Middle East. The Pakistani diaspora in the UK can now watch it on Sky EPG 759.

Since its launch in 2007, the channel has become one of the most watched news channels in Pakistan.

“we are offering timely and accurate news updates to a wider audience with the launch of UK transmission,” the channel announced.

Currently, the news channel is available on mobile, IPTV, satellite, and OTT platforms, reaching approximately 29 million households across Europe, North America, Asia Pacific, and the Middle East. Dubai office also held a telecast launching ceremony. The event was attend by a number of community members.

Diaspora services Of Samaa for Pakistani communities  

The success of Samaa TV in the Middle East and Pakistan has been a catalyst for re-expanding Samaa’s reach in the UK to serve the Pakistani diaspora. A channel sensitive to Pakistani culture and tradition strives to provide a sense of unity to audiences outside Pakistan. Our objective and unbiased approach to news reporting will be appreciate by our UK viewers. As well as providing them with informative and entertaining programming, Samaa TV will keep them updated on world events.” 

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Having partnered with Sky in order to relaunch SAMAA in the UK, we are thrilled to announce the relaunch of SAMAA. It will enable us to enhance our reach among the Pakistani viewers in the UK by providing us with the opportunity to reach out to them. The award signifies our ongoing commitment to deliver thought provoking and engaging content to captivate the hearts and minds of Pakistanis all over the world through our content. It is our hope that our channel will prove to be a valuable addition to the UK’s media landscape in the future. The executive director of international operations, Mohammad Raziq, added, “We are looking forward to providing our viewers with a fun and informative experience.”.

Popular programs

In addition to Nadeem Malik Live, Samaa TV also offers Qutb Online and other shows that cover Pakistani politics.

 with Bilal Qutb Khabarhar with Aftab Iqbal News Beat with Paras Jahanzaib, Game Set Match with Sawera Pasha Featuring Shahid Afridi who also serves as director sports with Samaa TV.

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