Maria B and Mehrub Moiz case roundup

Ace designer maria B put serious allegations on the social media activist Mehrub Moiz. After an Instagram banter, there is whole chaos created nationwide. Is this a homophobia or intolerance case, lets discuss

A few days ago the famous designer Maria B posted a story on her Instagram handle. In that story, he accused the social media activist Mehrub Moiz who belongs to an LGBTQ+ Community. In the story, the designer says his lifestyle and way of speaking are quite inappropriate and immoral for society. Her kids are in the same school where the Trans agent gives lectures and ted x talks. She posted on her Instagram story with a caption stating, “Well done ISL School!!! My kids are at ISL… and we, as parents, will decide who the real role models are for our kids. ”

In the reply Mehrub says Maria does not know the difference between transgender and transitioning human. He added that if she fails that her kids are safe and sound in some vicinity then she should keep it to herself and have some knowledge about the trans community beforehand.

Mehrub’s Reaction

This online banter has opened a new argument in all departments of society. Some are appraising maria for mentioning this bold going on in this society. Meanwhile, few are taking the side of Dr. Mehrub Moiz Awan, and his clan. Mehrub is queer and very vocal about the rights and sentiments of his community. After the chaos, the administration of the school canceled his lectures which were scheduled to be delivered on 22nd August 2022.

The activist directed the designer to first take a look at the law and look up the definition of transgender. “And perhaps if you still want to continue spreading disinformation, my lawyer and your lawyer can have a great conversation. How do you feel about that?” she concluded.

Things are getting quite bitter on the both sides of parties. We have to wait and see how this banter went in the future. Is it the beginning of new progressive country or still a backward socity?

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