New turnover in Dua Zahra case

Dua Zahra will be brought before a medical panel in Karachi to establish her true age. When the father requested for setting up a medical jury to assess his daughter’s age because she claimed she was not a minor. Earlier, the medical board’s report of ossification and dentition evaluation achieved on Dua Zehra said the age of the teenager to be between 15 or 16 years. She had gone missing from her house in Karachi during April. However she was later discovered to have married Zaheer Ahmed in Lahore.

A ten-member medical board on Monday submitted the document figuring out Dua Zehra’s age. This is a big improvement as Dua Zehra’s age is of paramount significance to her case. What changed into being taken into consideration a kidnapping case became out to be a case of an elopement as Dua Zehra claimed that she ran away to marry Zaheer Ahmed. On the other hand, her mother and father insist that she has been abducted. They claimed that her marriage is unlawful because of her younger age. Dua Zahra claimed that she is 18 years old, while her mother and father stated she is 14 years old. Dua’s father additionally confirmed legit files revealing her younger age.

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However, an ossification check done on Dua Zehra final month found out that the girl is between 16 to 17 years of age. This prompted her father to express reservations over it and challenge the scientific document as fake. The latest medical document concluded that a session among medical examiners on more than one element figuring out her age has performed. It’s been agree that the woman is elderly between 15 to 16 years old. As a result, people on social media are terming the improvement a win for Dua Zahra’s mother and father. People are claiming that Zaheer Ahmed has “exposed”.

The reason is that the younger couple were making false statements about Dua Zahra age all along. It is important to say that the case has become debatable because of the contrasting claims. Moreover, the majority of the general public believes that this is a case of child trafficking. Wherein, Dua is being pressurize to provide fake statements.

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