Airline companies increases flights to Skardu

PIA and different Airline companies increase flights to Skardu. Due to strong travel demand to Skardu, PIA increased by 12 flights per week. PIA announced this increase on Monday.

Nowadays, tourists are more attracted to northern areas. Some years ago, people have likely to visit Naran & Kaghan. But, now they want to explore different sorts of beauty i.e., Skardu. When we talk about this majestic beauty how we can forget about its beautiful airport. With the increase in demand for flights to Skardu, Airline companies also increased flights to Skardu.

Surprisingly PIA increased 12 flights per week to this beautiful northern place. The national flag carrier, Pakistan International Airlines (PIA), announced on Monday that it was expanding its flight operations. Abdullah Khan, the spokesperson for the national flag carrier, said that from next, PIA would operate 12 flights from Pakistan to this majestic place every week.

Currently PIA is operating flights to this place from 6 different cities. The airport is listed among the world’s highest altitude airports. Skardu International Airport is located at an altitude of 7000 feet. However, its main runway is 12,000-feet long while the second runway is 8,500-feet long. 

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Spokesperson Abdullah Khan review on this increase

Abdullah Khan is the spokesperson of PIA. He announced that PIA will run 12 more flights per week now due to the increase in tourism in Skardu. Abdullah Khan said that “The PIA added flights in response to significant travel demand to northern locations due to summer vacations and Eid holidays.” 

Former Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan, Inaugurated the Skardu International Airport. He always admires the beauty of the northern side of Pakistan. Imran Khan also exclaims that if we only get better at accepting tourism we can clear debts from this. However, he is not the PM of Pakistan now, still, he admires the beauty of the northern side of Pakistan as he also belongs to KPK.

This initiative is also taken by different airlines too. Air Blue will also travel to Skardu from the very next month. They have announced they will also operate flights to Skardu from August. This hype about tourism is quite good for the betterment, Economy, and soft picture of Pakistan.

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