Corona Virus is back in Pakistan

After the fifth wave of the Corona virus in February 20222. In June 2020 the COVID-19 figures have gradually reduced in Pakistan. With the exception of the metropolis of Karachi wherein the positivity, is +6%. The country has a mean positivity rate of much less than 1%. Currently, COVID-19 figures stand at 1. Fifty-Three million people in Pakistan showed symptoms of Corona virus out of which 30,379 have died.
Practically all isolation, closure, and lock-down measures for commercial, social, or instructional sports have been removed. All tourists arriving in Pakistan have to own a vaccination certificate. Provision of applicable records via the Pass Track app is fairly endorsed to keep away from delays at airports. A rigorous country-wide vaccination application has been released in Pakistan. One hundred and twenty-three million Pakistanis (55%) are absolutely vaccinated whilst one hundred thirty-five million (61%) acquired their 1st dose. Three million Pakistanis had been given a booster shot. For tourists shifting abroad, vaccines approved in Europe, the US, etc. are available for a price of about €6.5.
The passing of the vote of no-confidence in opposition to the government of Imran Khan occurred on 9 April 2022. With this succession via means of a coalition of 12 political parties with a totally small majority. Pakistan has revealed itself in a situation of a constitutional, political, and financial crisis. The new coalition government of Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif has commenced negotiations with the IMF to go into a financial restructuring application. They are hoping to obtain its aid for the structural reforms to be installed to rescue the economy.
Faced with an extreme fall in forex reserves (much less than $9 billion), the government has released some cost-reducing measures, especially by growing the price of petrol (+40%), power, and gas (+45%). All primary towns at the moment observe long power cuts. The import of some of the products (declared luxurious goods) has been banned till similar notice. This includes things such as automobiles, cigarettes, confectionery, cosmetics, tableware, ornamental items, fruit juices, smooth drinks, and sanitary add-ons. Moreover, it also includes rest room products, chocolates, fish preparations, footwear, end result, and the dried end result. Other things banned alongside include furniture, family appliances, ice cream, jams, jellies, canned end results, mattresses, frozen or processed meats, musical instruments, shampoos, glasses sunshine, ketchup, and sauces.

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