Highways & Motorway Police plans points-based system

National Highways and Motorway Police (NHMP) is making plans to enforce a factors-primarily based total system for driving licenses. This will help them to convey uniform and powerful enforcement of NHMP policies consistent with worldwide standards. Moreover, Inspector General (IG) NHMP Khalid Mahmood has ordered the concerned government to enforce the new system. He inform the government that this should be done on an urgent basis. Spokesperson informed media that the factors primarily based on the total machine will use records already available at the National Driving License Database. The database carries records of over 8 million drivers’ licenses throughout all districts in Pakistan.
Based on revised guidelines, the de-merit factors restricted for diverse violations on a license could be 20. If a motive force exceeds the 20-factor restriction within 24 months, his driving license can be suspend. All this, with the aid of the government. Moreover, details of de-merit factors for various violations are define in Schedule Eleven of the National Highways Safety Ordinance 2000. Officials stated enforcing the de-merit factors machine will assist in successfully manipulating violations of legal guidelines on motorways and highways. In the long run, it will support the acquisition of an extensive discount in accidents. The machine will use the subsequent to extract records of approximately drivers’ preceding infractions. The records include things such as:
1- The CNIC number
2-Driver’s license number
3-Mobile phone number
NHMP officials could be capable of retrieving a document of preceding challans. Extracted records can then be use for useful purposes. The machine will assist National Highways as well as Motorway Police take off motion in opposition to recurring visitor rule violators. The initiative is a part of the #NoMore campaign released with the aid of using the NHMP. It has added the use of state-of-the-art equipment together with spotters. Other useful pieces of technology used are such as modern pace checking cameras, surveillance drones, and body-worn cameras. IG NHMP Khalid Mahmood stated that the branch will enforce a stricter monitoring system. It will help them to make certain avenues of protection. He is hoping that people will cooperate with the branch and observe the policies.

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