Prime Minister’s laptop scheme returned to Pakistan

Starting in 2013, the prime minister’s laptop scheme is back. This initiative aims to provide high-end technology and facilities to needy students. In Phase one, around 100,000 laptops will be distributed among students.

The government of Pakistan presented a budget recently. Along with other 160 schemes. Prime Minister’s laptop scheme is also back. Registration is open for all eligible students, and HEC is listing out all the names in their system. Prime Minister Shahbaz Shareef went one step ahead this time. School students are also eligible to get a laptop this time. They have to pass certain criteria to get their hands on this beautiful giveaway by the government.

This scheme creates a storm in 2013. After that hundreds of students get this gift from the provincial government every year. Initially, this scheme was for university students who have to research and learn from global papers. The main aim of this scheme was to provide students best I.T and technology for their research and knowledge. Many students who cannot afford buying laptops were happy after getting this facility.

After this announcement, many students are feeling relieved and satisfied. Since the country is uncertain economic conditions, this might be a sigh of relief for many needy and poor students. According to statistics in phase one of the scheme, around 100,000 laptops were distributed. This time team is thinking about distributing double the amount of it. So for this purpose, they included qualified and bright students from all schools as well.

You have to register yourself in the HEC portal so, with scrutiny and proper assessment, you can get the laptop. Authorities are making sure that all needy and bright students can get this in without any trouble. Meanwhile, the public has a mixed reaction to this scheme. Some are taking it positively and progressive. Whereas others are saying that this is a waste of public resources, this scheme has no deeper benefits. How will this take turns in favor of our country, only time will tell.

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