Atlas Honda CB150F; New Travel Partner for Northern Pakistan

Honda dropped their hottest bike in the market named Atlas Honda CB150F. It gives you the comfiest and reliable experience of travel. Even in the mighty mountains or dusty desserts, this bike is must for all the avid travelers in Pakistan.

Honda is providing means of transport for decades. The company is known for its reliable design and trendy shapes. A stylish bike was introduced in the market names Atlas Honda CB150F in 2017. It comes under their sports bike section. Also comes in the three most trendy colors Green, Red, and Silver. The bike caught the eyes of investors instantly. It costs around 300,000 Pkr as per May 01, 2022 rates.

New features in the CB 150F include:

  • Turbo Engine Technology
  • High-Performance Self Start System
  • 5-speed constant mesh, noncyclic transmission
  • Maintenance-free powerful backup battery
  • Die casted Z Section Spokes alloy rims

There are a number of security features included in the bike as well:

  • Magnetic ignition protection (ensures that only the original key works)
  • Front disc brake
  • Car type speedometer visibility
  • Strong tail protection
  • Protective chain guide system

Best partner for bike travelers

If you have any plans to visit north on the bike this year. Atlas Honda CB150F is the best choice for you. This bike is not only comfortable, but it is also fuel-efficient. Moreover, it is very much powerful, convenient, and matchless among all motorcycles. It is the most modern means of transport which is more luxurious and comfortable for the rider to cover long term distance.

However, it is low maintenance as well. You can travel at any point, whether it’s mountains, bumpy roads, or rough deserts. You can always enjoy the journey along with the comfort. It also has the availability of troubleshooting. This features detects different sorts of problems within the vehicle which includes tire puncture, defects in engine and battery failure etc.

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