Power Shortfall Hits Record Level of 7500MW

Pakistan being a third-world country is facing a lot of issues. One of which is the ultimate power shortage. Recently the crisis has only continued to grow more and more as the power shortfall. On Wednesday rose to an unprecedented level of 7,500 MW. This resulted in triggering a massive load shedding of over 10 hours in urban and 18 hours in rural areas.

 The newly empowered government is claiming to tackle the situation and hopes to resolve the problems in the near future. Despite these claims, by the government to permanently solve the problem, duration of power outage is yet to be reduce. 

Although the government is claiming to control the ongoing worst situation by increasing the country’s electricity generation beyond the mark of 20,000 Mega Watt (MW). However, the power generation right now only limited to 19,200 MW. As the country is undergoing many development projects and is on its way to progress. 

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Government’s Ruling Strategies 

The minimum demand for energy for the whole country has risen to 26,700 MW. But, the government’s failure to provide even close to the demand has raised serious questions about the government’s ruling strategies. 

An official report has revealed that power generation through gas-fired, coal-base and furnace oil run thermal plants has come to halt. Currently, the coal plants are running at only 25 percent of their overall production capacity. While 3 major furnace oil plants have totally shut down and hydropower plants only generating 4,200MW due to unfavorable weather conditions.

The country is facing a serious threat of even lengthy load shedding schedules. Consequently, in Lahore, power suspension has witnessed after every half an hour for two to three hours on Wednesday. 

This unthinkable electricity load-shedding has never witnessed in the last couple of decades. People are demanding the government to take the matter with serious concern. They desire to reduce the number of power outages as soon as possible. For now, government has not released any official statement about its strategy to resolve the power shortfall issue.

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