Eid ul Fitr and Festivities of Chand Raat

A gift from Allah Almighty for the Muslims due to fasting in Ramadan is Eid Ul Fitr. The night before this gift from Allah is Chand Raat. When all the Muslims get together in their towns and cities and celebrate the festivities of the great night.

The end of the Holy month of Ramadan is marked by the auspicious occasion of Eid-ul-Fitr. It is one of the most celebrated occasions that are awaited by Muslims throughout the year. When Ramadan starts Muslims also await it to end so they will celebrate the gift from Allah as Eid Ul Fitr. Muslims enjoy amenities and celebrations of this occasion wholeheartedly.

Chand Raat is the night before the morning of Eid. Different people from different cities, towns, and societies gathered and enjoy the different festivities of Chand Raat. On Chaand Raat, Muslims shove themselves into the markets; women along with their children do shopping and try to get hold of fancy clothes. Mostly Women make different patterns of Hina on their hands.

This festive religious occasion marks the culmination of the month-long practice of cleansing the soul. Eid is truly a reward from Allah. The much anticipated and sweet tradition where the elders of the households give Eidi to the younger members of the family and also the women. Eidi or Eid is the gesture of goodwill and love given in the form of money, clothes, cards, and other gifts wrapped in envelopes.

Gleefulness of Chand Raat

Muslim women are also interested in getting matching bangles with their dresses on the Chaand Raat. Not just bangles, it can be in the form of jewellery or just buying gifts for the relatives too. Hina for women is the most important part of the Chaand Raat. Without the application of hina on hand various patterns, designs and even colors are available on different corners of the streets and parlors.

Nevertheless, even poor people by the grace of the almighty also get something from their Muslim brothers and sisters. Muslims tend to bring new clothes and shoes for the less bestowed on Chaand Raat. This is a great gesture from the Rich Muslims for the poor Muslims. They use to buy them new clothes for Eid. Muslims feel obliged to include all other Muslims in their activities and preparation for the special day that is Eid.

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