PM Khan called out for protest against the imported government

While he appealed to his party supporters to hold peaceful protests across the country on Sunday evening, Pakistan’s prime minister Imran Khan appeared to be retreating from his earlier stance during his nationally televised speech.

He urged masses, particularly youth, to hold peaceful protest on Sunday. On the eve of a no-confidence vote against him in the National Assembly. “Any imported government will not be recognized,” he said.

PM Khan Calls out and Disappointed with the supreme court’s decision. 

The Prime Minister expressed disappointment with the Supreme Court’s decision to set aside the ruling of the NA deputy speaker without considering the communication regarding the conspiracy of regime change.

In an emotional tone, he asked what mistake he had committed and what crime he had committed. His voice became choked with emotion as he stated that the judges should have at least read the communication. Which the government had received from a foreign state.

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After Isha (prayer), he called for a peaceful protest. He said, “Masses brought me, and I have to go along with them.”. His principles that he had started his fight 26 years ago remain unchanged, and he will not compromise the interests of the 220 million people. He criticized the apex court while expressing respect for the judiciary.

In his view, the decision was made so quickly in the Supreme Court, while there was open horse-trading in the presence of Article 63-A. He recounted, “Even children knew it because it was a time of social media. It did not happen in any democracy. So, people would have noticed how elected representatives’ loyalty was automatically bought.” He commented that history does not forgive who was playing what role.

US official’s statement 

In response to the US official’s statement that if Imran Khan survives the no-trust motion. Then, Pakistan will be held accountable, PM Imran Khan said that Pakistan had not filed a motion to no-trust. Also, he said that if Imran loses, “we will forgive.”. The premier noted that the US representative knew who was getting “sherwani” made (to wear on the swearing-in day). He stated how insulting it was to two hundred million people in Pakistan that “he orders us; I am the chief executive, so, he is not giving it to me, but asking someone else to say that if Imran goes to Russia, there will be consequences; and they will forgive Pakistan if he does not survive.”

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