PM Imran Khan names US officials who made ‘threats’

PM Imran Khan shared more details about the threat he said he had faced since Sunday morning. Earlier, Pakistan PM Imran Khan announced that a senior American diplomat had been implicated in a threat of “foreign conspiracy”. He said they are involved to overthrow his government through a no-confidence vote.

During a meeting in Islamabad, Imran Khan said that Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asia Affairs, Donald Lu was involved with threat of “foreign conspiracy” to topple his government.

Khan claimed Donald Lu warned Pakistan’s Ambassador to the US, Asad Majeed. He stated that there would be consequences if the Pakistan PM survived the no-confidence vote.

Mr Khan called the no-trust motion against him a conspiracy and expressed gratitude to Allah that it failed.

Foreign Conspiracy

Last week, Pakistani PM Imran Khan claimed a “foreign conspiracy” against him over his “independent” foreign policy choices.

White House Director of Communications, Kate Bedingfield responded to Imran Khan’s remarks by dismissing the notion that Washington was involved in alleged conspiracy.

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Reports say PTI dissidents visited the US embassy frequently, said PMLN Leader, Nawaz Sharif. “Why have so many people who have left met with members of the embassy so frequently?” he asked.

Deputy Speaker‘s Decision

To the opposition, the deputy speaker’s decision was shocking. According to Khan, the competitor did not understand what had happened. Adding to his surprise, he said they would not have been so surprised if he had informed a day earlier.

Since the US withdrew from Afghanistan last summer, the relationship between the US and Pakistan has been strained. In addition, the US approach to Pakistan has been impacted by China’s increasing alignment with Pakistan.

Taliban celebrate as the last US troops leave Afghanistan

In October last year, Wendy Sherman, Deputy Secretary of state and the highest-ranking US official to visit Pakistan since Biden assumed office, told reporters Pakistan was being called for a ‘specific and narrow purpose’ about Afghanistan.


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