Punjab Traffic Police entirely moves towards E Challan

Punjab Traffic Police decided to move towards E challan from manual challan to eliminate corruption in this department. Wardens in Punjab have begun issuing an E challan on 23 March 2022.

To eradicate corruption and to make the system more transparent, the Punjab Traffic police have decided to entirely move towards E-challan. It is also important for the Unification of all the records of challans. The challan books will be now replaced with smart printers.

Officials of the traffic have confirmed that the wardens will generate slips of challan on the spot. Wardens will generate slips via a smartphone app. After that, they will generate a slip using smart printers in their hands. They will use an online system to check violations of traffic laws in Punjab.

The Warden officer will write all the violations of the violator on the E challan. The officer will print and upload the challan as well to keep the records. The challan will also include the details of the challan officer.

Warden’s training

The traffic headquarters of Punjab has decided to train the officers for use of the application for the violators. The traffic headquarters of Punjab has contacted Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) for the training of the wardens. However, it will not be that much easy for the wardens to consume but it is the only option left as it will also make ease for them.

Corruption will become low as well. Every department has its corrupt people as well. Whereas, it will lower the corruption of the wardens as well when all the things are recorded. It will make the system more transparent. Officials say the practice has been going on for a long.

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Whereas, on the other hand, if someone breaks the rule the cameras will take a picture of him/her. The person who owns the vehicle will get a message from Punjab Safe Cities Authority (PSCA). There will be a link attached to it.

Loop Holes of E Challan

The department is still working on what if the violator does not submit the challan. Till now, to catch those violators, the only solution is to stop them on the road on signal and check their records. However, in this way, there will also be some errors. Warden cannot stop maximum vehicles due to traffic concerns. So, PSCA is still working on this to solve this issue.

Previous owners of vehicles are paying for violations by present ones. It means a violation of the rule is done by the new owner of the vehicle and the vehicle is still registered to the previous owner, so he/she has to pay for that violation. To carter with this, PSCA started a new system, the fine tickets are sent to the addresses of the owners of the vehicles which are spotted violating traffic rules, including jumping the signal or stopping ahead of a zebra crossing, through the PSCA’s cameras.

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