FIFA is Finally Lifting Ban on Pakistan

FIFA banned Pakistan a year ago and now is lifting that ban. Fans are swooning with joy. Is this a new start of an era….? lets see

Football in Pakistan is as old as Pakistan itself. The country got independence in 1947. The football federation came into being in the same year. Pakistan Football Federation (PFF) got its recognition from FIFA in the very next year i.e., 1948. Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the founder of Pakistan, became its first Patron-in-Chief.

Sports build boldness, discipline, authority characteristics, and a feeling of solidarity in an individual in this way leading a prosperous country. It doesn’t make any difference what sport. It could be the ordinary actual games we’ve been playing since the beginning of history or it very well may be E-sports which have just taken birth. In Pakistan, sports have been at a downfall, not from the ones who play them but rather from the ones who ought to support, reserve, and put together them.

Football has been destroyed in Pakistan due to political happenings. Political issues led this beautiful game to its downfall. Although, Pakistan is the country that produces most of the footballs. Sialkot produces one of the best footballs in the world. They even feature in all major events as well.

Ban on Pakistan

FIFA has banned Pakistan on 8th April 2021. The suspension of PFF happened due to third-party interference. This is against the rules and policies of FIFA so they decided to suspend PFF.

“FIFA issued a letter warning that should the illegitimate occupation of the PFF headquarters not be lifted and the office bearers recognized by FIFA not be permitted free access to the building to carry out their mandate, the matter would be immediately submitted to the Bureau of the Council for decision,”

FIFA Officials said.

It was highly unfortunate for Pakistan that the actions of few led Pakistan football to that stage. The whole ecosystem of Pakistan football had to suffer because of that. The development of Pakistan football was hurt due to that ban.

FIFA decided to uplift the ban

ISLAMABAD: FIFA may soon lift the ban from the Pakistan Football Federation (PFF) as FIFA’s endorsed Normalization Committee (NC) has the control of PFF House, here on Saturday. In the very latest development on this ban, it came to know that the Board of Revenue Punjab has given back the control of the PFF to the normalization committee. It also came to know that the negotiations between the PFF and FIFA have been successful.

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This development of this may cause FIFA to uplift the ban on Pakistan. Haroon Malik, Chairman of NC, has shown gratitude towards FIFA and thanked for their immense support. He also claimed that the global isolation of Pakistan Football has ended.

“We are grateful to FIFA for its patience and support in all matters,” Haroon said.

“A bad phase of global isolation of Pakistan football has now ended. We will now make sure Pakistan’s participation in international events,” Chairman NC added.

Now the uplifting of this ban on the Pakistan Football federation will open some new ways for the emergence of this sports in Pakistan. Moreover, The country has a lot of talent hidden in small areas and cities. Youngsters due to lack of confidence failed to emerge from small areas. The uplifting of this ban will give them a new hope to emerge and to play this passionate game again.

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