Pak-China Relations Set to mark another Example for world

In a world full of war chaos, China gave 25 J-10C fighter jets to Pakistan to boost its defense power. This help will increase the fighting mechanism as well as the morale of pilots. Pak-China relations will take a new turn after this contract.

Pakistan’s military forces are the sixth-largest in the world in terms of active troops. It is the only Islamic Country having female generals in Army. While talking about the defense system of Pakistan how can we forget about MM Alam (late) who has a world record of shooting 5 planes in less than a minute? The annual budget of the military forces of Pakistan sums up to $6.98 billion which is almost 2.7% of the GDP of Pakistan. China also has one of the largest armies in the world. They are ready to conquer the world with the latest technology and tools. Pakistan has a very friendly relationship with China. Pak-China relations are considered an example all over the world.

In Pakistan Army, 550,000 are total active-duty personnel with having total reserves of 500,000. Whereas in the Navy, it is 22,000 total active-duty personnel with reserves of 5,000. However in Airforce, its 45,000 active duty personnel and with reserves of 8,000. Pakistan has approximately 970 plus Aircraft. The Airforce of Pakistan always played a vital role in its defense. However, the active personnel in this defense system is less than Land Army.

Another instance of Pak-China Relations

One more addition to the defense system of Pakistan happened in 2022.

China will deliver 25 J-10C fighter jets to Pakistan within weeks in a major boost to the country’s military capabilities to defend airspace. Pakistan-China relations will take a new turn and a boost after this contract. Apart from all the war chaos in the world, China has made this contract with Pakistan.

According to the report, the first batch of the combat aircraft is being tested in Chengdu, the base of its manufacturer Chengdu Aerospace Corporation. Whereas it is the response of Indian Raffaele, Pakistan has received J-10C jets. If the wisdom of the Pak Arm and technology of China collaborates, the world can witness the new defense system with the hint of peace and harmony.

Economic Benefit of China

In addition to the J-10C, Pakistan’s other military branches have also recently commissioned advanced Chinese equipment. For example, the navy received the first Type 054A/P frigate, and the army acquired the HQ-9/P air defense missile system, as per media reports.

The first schedule scale of the J-10 series will also be beneficial for China. The WS-10 engine (which is induced in J-10C) will further open international markets for China. More countries will show more interest in this for the betterment of their air defense. Eventually, China will receive more economic benefits from the whole world.

Procurement of the J-10C is also meaningful for China and Pakistan as a more powerful Pakistan military can better safeguard the shared interests of the two countries in the region. Pakistan and China can tell the world that it is easy to maintain peace than war.

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