New Year 2022, New Hopes New Challenges

A chaotic year is about to end in few days. World is ready to welcome new year 2022 with high hopes and expectations. Here are few things you might deal with in new year.

A “not so good” but happening year 2021 is about to say goodbye in few days. This year brought a lot of good and bad in everyone’s life. Most of the people say that they are looking forward for new year to be life changing. Pandemic named Corona Virus came in 2019 and life changed since then.

2020 was all about taking precautions and finding a cure. Whereas the 2021 came with solution and vaccines. Life was about to get back to track but thanks to new variants of Covid-19, life gets stuck again. New year 2022 is all about having a fun life back that lost in the moments of 2019.

Economic condition of world is really fragile right now. Inflation is hitting on new levels, whereas stocks of established countries are crashing. New variant of Corona Omicron surpasses all the dangers of past variants. It can be spread by air, without any touch or contact.

It spreads more chaos and instability. Due to this various countries decided to cancel the incoming of tourists, stops various overseas operations and events etc. Third world countries are suffering the most. Food and resources are getting scarce more and more.

World’s preps for New Year’s eve

World celebrates new years as a biggest holiday of the year. The joy starts from Christmas eve up to start of new years at midnight of 31st December. Moreover every country has their own rituals and celebrations to welcome new year. This year maybe few countries cancels the traditional celebrations but some countries are still preparing to welcome new year in high hopes and full spirit.

New years starts from Australia so they lit up the capital with beautiful fireworks and lights. Sydney sets the bar with sky high unique fireworks every year. Following that Dubai and Middle east held a beautiful countdown on the highest building in the city. Thousands of people gathers in Dubai to witness that beautiful celebration. With that China, Paris, Japan, Turkey and all of the Europe celebrates new year in their style.

Sydney, Australia

Last but not the least Time Square of United states of America. Millions of people gather here to welcome new year. Since situation of America is not so idea these days because of record cases of corona and inflation. But still they are optimistic enough to celebrate new years in high spirit.

Prayers for New Year 2022

New year is not easy as it seems. Pandemic is still going strong while the probability if new variants are high. Tourism and fun is nowhere near in anyone’s calendar. But still people are hoping that this year is finally the year when everything’s going to be alright. Scientists are hopeful to find the permanent cure of deadly pandemic. Inflation will reduced and world will again the worry free. Everyone is praying to get their lives back to normal this new year. May the new year nullify all the negative energies and bring the prosperity in each person’s life. From the team of Viralnom we wish you a very happy and blessed new year 2022.


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