Taipei to Waiao Beach, A black sand coastline in Yilan

Taiwan offers a whole great experience of surfing from Taipei to Waiao beach. Black sand, clean water and amazing fresh breeze takes tourists to heavenly feeling instantly.

YILAN, TAIWAN – World is full of amazing beaches and sunsets. But there is one beach that is the most beautiful beach in the region. Wai’ao Beach (aka Gangao Beach, or Wai’ao Ocean Recreation Area) in Toucheng township of Yilan County is one of the most popular surfing destinations in Taiwan.

The name Wai’ao Beach comes from “Wai (meaning outside)” of the “Ao (meaning harbor),”  because the beach is just past Wushi Harbor. It takes Almost a 2 hours train travel from Taipei to Waiao Beach.

Taiwan has the best local transport system in the world. It is accessible and convenient for every walk of life. Train leaves for Waiao every 60 to 90 minutes. It takes 100 t0 120 minutes to reach the destination. Since its a local train so you don’t have to reserve seats. If you do not want to opt for train, active taxi services are also there. They charge around 400 NTD to 450 NTD.

Beach supplies and food can get from the train station. It is recommended that you carry your own food and sunblock. There are less shops at the beach. Surfing board, chairs and umbrellas can get from the beach as well. It costs around 500 NTD for one surf board, 2 chairs and one umbrella. If you want to stay here for one to two days there are resorts that offer huts and rooms. Its a bit expensive so most of the tourists plan for one day trip only.

Details of appealing beach

This beach has beautiful eccentric black sand. It shines in the sunshine that makes it look like a diamond. Tourists love to visit this beach in winters and monsoon season. Sand gets so hot in summers because black sand absorbs heat. It is unbearable to walk on the beach then. But it is the most crowded beach in the winters.

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Another famous sport at Waiao beach is surfing. Moreover surfers from all over the world specially USA come here for recreation. Beach is so clean and breezy that surfers make the most of it. This beach is supposed to be best for beginner surfers as well.

Another amazing spot in Waiao beach is sightseeing of Turtle Beach. Turtle island (Guishan Island) a turtle shaped island off the coast of Yilan in Eastern Taiwan. Once inhabited by fisherman, it is now a coast guard base, but is open for day tours. The island tour includes beautiful sea cliffs, hiking, a lake, abandoned village, military tunnels,  and whale watching just offshore. 

Beach has proper parking space that keeps your vehicles safe and sound. Taiwan is an honest country so chances of theft are minimal. But if you want to rent a locker for your belongings, you can get that easily. There are two types of showers as well. Open shower that costs 10 NTD for 30 second shower in open air. Whereas other one is in proper restroom that costs almost 50 NTD for 5 minutes shower.

If you want to visit this beach, September is the best month to enjoy its ambiance. From Taipei to Waiao beach in one day, you can relax on another level.

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