A look into Poland-Belarus border migrant crisis

  • An estimated 4000 migrants stuck in an improvised border camp at the Poland-Belarus border. These migrants who previously crossed the Belarus border are now looking to get into Poland
  • Polish troops at the border are stopping these migrants from entering Poland
  • While this migrant crisis goes on, the tensions between Poland and Belarus are increasing

Happening at the Poland-Belarus border is a harsh migrant crises that continues to affect both the countries. An estimate of around 4000 migrants are living in camps in between both the borders. These migrants previously crossed the Belarus border are stopped by Polish troops from entering Poland.

With no allowance of entry into Poland, these migrants are stuck. What makes their situation worse is the harsh weather conditions which includes low temperatures and freezing winds. To survive in the harsh weather, the troops have setup make shift camps, but with no food and medical assistance their situation is worsening.

Amongst migrants are the sick, infants and pregnant women who have no choice, but to sleep on the cold damp floor. This extreme living condition have resulted in the death of several of these migrants. According to Poland at least seven people have died near its border.

Who are these migrants at the Poland-Belarus Border ?

These migrants gathered at the Poland-Belarus border mostly originate from either poor or war trodden countries. A large majority of these migrants are from Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Congo and Russia. Most of these migrants are here to get to family members that are already in Europe whereas others are just looking to get inside the European Union.

These migrants chose the Poland-Belarus border because it is the main migratory route into the European Union. More than 6000 migrants this year have already crossed into the EU using this route. Back in their native countries, these migrants face problems like famine, hunger, conflicts and disease, they are migrating to Europe in hope of a better life.

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