Digital Security : Protecting your Digital Identity

Protection of digital identity, internet or network equivalent of our identity is called Digital Security. It includes different tools like web services, biometric, anti-virus software which we use to secure our identity, technology and assets in both mobile and online world. 

Digital security devices includes secure personal devices like USB token, SIM card, secure chip or e-pass. These devices helps us to travel, bank, communicate or work using our digital identity in a secure, enjoyable and convenient way. Digital technology is generating new ways and possibilities everywhere to work, transact and interact. Now a days we are surrounded by digital identities and data.These devices facilitate us to use a variety of services.

On the other hand, advantages of digital technology are obvious. However, some security risks also associated with digital technology. Doubtless, there are risks for every individual person. Any personal info which we share over networks with the organization, folks or devices is also at risk. Every device asked the following two questions to protect or limit access to these services: “Are you who you say you are?” and “Is my data safe with you?”Digital Protection answers these questions with solutions. These solutions protect and enhance interactions and assets.

Inappropriate Digital Security

Followings are some examples of inappropriate digital security system where people;

  • Aple are not using any security software for the protection of their computers
  • Giving their personal data and information to strangers 
  • Sending their data and information to questionable peoples/authors
  • Opening attachments, files and links from some unknown sources
  • Using storage devices without any security protection
  • Access to inappropriate site without using proxy server
  • Sharing their ID and passwords
  • Ignoring prompts appears to update software
  • Writing down their user ID and their user passwords for all web sites

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Appropriate Digital Security

Some examples of appropriate digital security system are:

  • Using secure software and update it responsibly
  • Communicate through secured e-mail services or on secure sites with one  another
  • Removing messages, links and attachments from unknown sources
  • People who are aware of security breaches and report it
  • People blocking inappropriate sites with the help of software.
  • In order to keep system security up to date, set pc settings to do automatic scans, check and install updates.


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