Rafflesia Arnoldii Corpse Flower: Unusual characteristics’ Flower

Rafflesia Arnoldii Corpse Flower, because of its uniqueness and rarity, recorded as the world’s largest flower bloom.

Rafflesia Arnoldii Corpse Flower rare bloom is found in the rainforests of Indonesia and Malaysia but a number of species are also found in Philippines.

Fully bloomed Rafflesia Arnoldii (corpse flower)

Total number of the species are 28 out of which 10 are found in Philippines. Alexander Shadenberg ,a naturalist , is the first who discovered Rafflesia in 1882 at the foothills of Mount Apo.

This flower consists of only 5 large petals and does not contain any root, stem or leaf. It is a parasitic flowering plant. It depends solely on the host for its nutritional demand.


It grows up to 1 meter (3 feet) across diameter and weigh about 6 pounds when fully bloomed. Its blooming era last for 5 to 7 days.


Rafflesia odors a repulsive smell that smells like flesh. This the reason it is sometimes called as ‘Corpse flower’ or ‘meat flower’.

Unusual Characteristics of Rafflesia Arnoldii Corpse Flower

Usually most flowers need sun for photosynthesis. Unlike those flowers Rafflesia Ronaldii does not need sun for photosynthesis. This unusual flower is totally incapable of photosynthesis. This flower is fully dependent on bees and insects to pollinate

The rare of Rafflesia Arnoldii flower with a diameter of 80cm found blooming at an altitude of 3 meters above the ground at Raje Mandare Protected Forest area in Kaur Regency, Bengkulu Province, Indonesia

In the dark, the flower’s buds are really easy to detect. Black and brown buds look like a cabbage on the ground. Comparing to other plants, it is almost invisible.

Flower bud of Rafflesia Arnoldii

It takes about a year to bloom at its full. This flower depends on insects and bees to pollinate. When it fully blooms, it starts giving foul smell. Its orange-red color with white spots make it looks like meat.

Biggest Specie:

The specie Rafflesia Arnoldii is the biggest recorded Rafflesia. It was 106.7 centimeters (3 feet and 7 inches) wide, 11 kilograms (24 pounds) in weight and have petals 2.5 centimeters (1 inch) thick.

Official Flower of the Indonesia

As this flower is found in Indonesia, it is considered as there ‘Official State Flower’. Indonesians call this flower as “pupsa langka” in their native language.

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Rafflesia Schadenbergiana, known locally as “kolon busaw” or “bo-o,” is the second largest Rafflesia after R. Arnoldii. Other species of Rafflesia are found in Laguna, Quezon, Antique, Iloilo, South Cotabato, Compostela Valley, Kalinga, Quirino, and the Bicol region.

In the Antique Province, the Rafflesia flower is celebrated during the Binirayan Festival, a month-long festival every December where they commemorate Antique’s rich culture and history. Since its discovery in 2002, the flower has become Antique’s one of its many treasured attraction.

Rafflesia Arnoldii Corpse Flower : Sensitive and Shy Flower

Rafflesia Arnoldii Corpse Flower is known as extremely sensitive and shy flower. This flower only grows in humid and dark rainforests. No naturalist is succeeded to cultivate in the laboratory.

As already known, it is vulnerable to extinction, many scientists are conducting researches and introducing new laws to protect them.


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