A horrifying murder case of Dorothy Stratten

20 years old actress, Dorothy Stratten brutally killed by her resentful husband. Fame lead to clash of pride as well as self esteem. A horrible tragedy in the history of Hollywood.

HOLLYOOD, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA – Dorothy Stratten was a small town girl with so much passion and dreams. Dorothy Ruth Hoog stratten was born on February 28, 1960 in Vancouver, Canada. She was working part time in Dairy queen.

A former Pimp caught an eye on her, named Paul Snider. Dorothy was 17 years old when Paul approached her. They both fell in love. Paul decided to introduce her in fashion industry. It was legal to shoot a nude picture in Canada at 18 years. Paul sent her pictures to Playboy Magazine. Since she was underage according to rules so her mother filled the form. Dorothy was a beautiful naïve girl. In 1978 she moved to Los Angeles.

Hugh Hefner and Dorothy Stratten
Hugh Hefner and Dorothy Stratten

She got selected in 25th Anniversary Great Playmate Hunt as a finalist. She married to Paul in the same year. Dorothy became Miss Playmate August 1979 as well as Playmate of the year 1980. The producer of magazine Hugh Hefner had high hopes for her.

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Here her name shortened to Dorothy Stratten. After the magazine, she start getting small roles in serials and talk shows. Buck Roger and Fantasy Island are some of her famous guest star roles. Other than that, Americathon and Roller disco are also in the list. Her first starring role was as, and in, Galaxina, a science fiction parody released in 1980.

Wedding picture of Dorothy and Paul
Wedding picture of Dorothy and Paul

Start of fame for Dorothy

Soon she started getting good roles and characters. Since Paul could not enter in industry because of police history and records, Dorothy was the only person to earn. Soon her career took off. After a recognition, behavior of Paul started changing.

Hugh kept alarming Dorothy but she wanted to save her marriage at ay cost. Soon a big director Peter Bogdonavich casted her in a big movie name “They all Laughed”. Dorothy had to go Los Angeles for shooting. After she left, Paul hired a private Investigator to spy on her.

Peter and Dorothy
Peter and Dorothy

Whereas during the shooting, Dorothy and Peter started having an affair. Now Dorothy wanted to leave Paul and his toxic relationship. She sent a legal notice to Paul regarding divorce. This made Paul aggressive and angry.

While having a girlfriend on his side, he could not tolerate the loss of Dorothy. He asked Dorothy to come and reconcile for once. Despite warned by of Peter, Dorothy accepted that. She wanted to end her marriage amicably. He called her in the native house where they used to live as a married couple.

House where Paul and Dorothy lived after marriage
House where Paul and Dorothy lived after marriage

Death of Dorothy Stratten

On August 14, 1980, Dorothy Stratten went to meet Paul. He sent the arbitrator away. Dorothy had 1000 dollars in her bag. Besides she wanted to give it to Paul as reconciliation. Paul locked the door and made sure they were alone in the house. Paul was full of rage.

He killed her in the bedroom using Mossberg 12-gauge shotgun. He shot her face multiple times. According to reports he also raped her corpse after that. After killing her, he pulled a triger on his own head and committed suicide right beside Dorothy.

Their bodies were found after eight days. Both bodies were covered with ants and insects. Soon the news broke in the town. She was started considering as “New Merilyn Manroe”. Peter Bendigoivch dedicate his movie to Dorothy. This movie of Oscar winner director tanked because of controversies.

Industry still remembers Dorothy because of her beauty. American band Red Hot Chilies Peppers refer Stratton as an example of the negative aspects of California Culture in the song Californication. The song repeats the lines “First born unicorn, hard core soft porn” referring to Stratton.

Tombstone of Dorothy Stratten


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