China says it will help rebuild Afghanistan

China, which allegedly was one of the first to accept Taliban rule, now says they will help them rebuild Afghanistan. Political experts suggest that this is China’s effort to maintain peace amid heavy investments in the CPEC project.

BEIJING, CHINA – On Thursday 19th July, the Foreign Ministry of China, gave out a detailed briefing about the China’s take on Taliban’s capture of Afghanistan. China was allegedly the first country that agreed to accept Taliban if they took over Afghanistan. China’s Foreign Ministry in the briefing showed the same acceptance and support towards the new government. The Ministry said that China, alongside the international community, will continue support in the peaceful rebuilding of Afghanistan while also assisting Afghanistan with its social and economic development.

Foreign Ministry Spokesperson, Zhao Lijian in the briefing said, “As a friendly and close neighbor and friend of Afghanistan. China always upholds a friendly policy towards the entire Afghan people which will never change”.

He added, “We will continue to support peaceful reconstruction in Afghanistan and to the best of our capability assist Afghanistan in its economic and social development”.

Moving forward, Zhao Lijian talked about the years of battle and instability the land and people of Afghanistan have seen. He said that Afghanistan has been experiencing war and turmoil for almost 40 years. Its people now yearn for peace in their country. Thus, China hopes for all factions in Afghanistan to come together and resolve problems and through dialogue and not bloodshed.

What China demands in exchange of recognition from the Taliban

Zhao Lijian in the briefing, recalled Taliban’s statements from their first press conference. He said that if the Taliban look forward to keep healthy relationship with other countries, then they should also do so with the internal factions of Afghanistan. He said that China wants Taliban to avoid bloodshed and work with other factions at home through dialogue and consultation.

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Zhao Lijian in briefing said that China hopes that the Taliban would develop a modern political framework and domestic/foreign policies. While also saying that the Taliban should keep personnel and institutions of other countries safe.

He said that Chinese is hoping that Taliban will fight off terrorist groups such as East Turkistan Islamic Movement (ETIM). While also making sure that no Afghan territory is used to engage in terrorist acts detrimental to China.

The ever debated issue of human rights in the Taliban regime was then discussed. Zhao said that the Taliban should respect the safety and interest of both Afghan and foreign nationals. He said, “We hope the Afghan Taliban will work with other factions and ethnic groups in solidarity and establish a political framework that is open, inclusive in keeping with national conditions”.

In the end, Zhao said that he hope that there would be an open and inclusive regime in Afghanistan. “Only after that we will come to the question of diplomatic recognition”, he said.

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