Anarkali book Market: An underrated treasure stroked by Corona

Anarkali – Highlight of Lahore for being one of a kind place for literary nerds and students

LAHORE, PAKISTAN – Lahore is the most ancient city that may tells a lot of stories regarding rich culture, food, gigantic and historic paramount and most importantly its love for books and literature. A lot of famous and credential writers are from Lahore, also they definitely shape the face of content and storytelling.

Anarkali old book market is one of the remains of glorified Lahore that stills shine like a leading lady. It is established in 1960s, by Sheikh Abdul Haq. Its backdrop is the famous Pak Tea House, historically home to the Progressive Writer’s Movement. The bazaar extends from across the café, all the way to the end of the street, to across Hafiz Juice Corner.

It’s a Sunday bazaar and many venders are doing this business for approximately 30 to 40 years. It is evitable that a lot of rare editions are easily available here rather than fancy book stores or libraries. A lot of students and book nerds come here every Sunday and buy a lot of books of their likings.  One can buy books as low as rupees 30 which is much reasonable for less affording students.

Books Variety in Anarkali Book Market

Other than urdu, you can find books in English, Russian, French etc. The only problem you can face here is scrutiny since it’s a footpath bazaar, you have to dig the dirt and pull out your gem according to your taste and choice. A lot of writers like Manto, Faiz ahmed Faiz, Munir Niazi and lot more used to come here and devour their creative appetite. It is safe to say that Anarkali Book Bazaar is like a magical place that fulfils the need of every need u came for.

A magnanimous fortune infected by corona virus

 Since most of the stalls are established in 1960, a lot of booksellers know each other and they know the value of books. If you are their regular costumer, they can guide you to find books of your likings as well. They deeply believe in costumer association and importance of these books.

Their major function is to buy old books and sell them in low prices. But in the recent events of corona, their selling reduced and more people came to sell their books and nothing more. One of the sellers was disappointed because he can see that purchasing power of people is reducing since unfortunately book reading still considered as luxury. Few loyal costumers didn’t betray them in tough times but the beauty of bazaar is definitely affected.

After this slump the merriness is returning again. Hopefully it will see the return of a lot of book lovers and new writers and poets. If you are having a lazy Sunday just given it a visit with old people and children, you won’t regret at all.

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