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Taliban seizing cases across Afghanistan grew as US troops left

Taliban seizing cases across Afghanistan grew as US troops left

Will Afghanistan army be able to counter Taliban’s increasing attacks as US forces started leaving the country? KABUL, AFGHANISTAN - In the April of 2021, the new US president Joe Biden announced that US troops would leave Afghanistan. This particular announcement was something that the Taliban wanted to hear since the last two decades. Along with the US troops, NATO troops, who have been in a war with Taliban for the last 20 years, have also decided to leave the country by the end of this summer. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SJGGXqOBuf0 The news of troops leaving the country was surely a devastating one for Afghanistan’s government. Since what the country needs against its war with Taliban is man power since it has lost a lot of it. Following this announcement, US and NATO tr...

US Troops Pull out as the Anniversary Reminiscence

KABUL/ISLAMABAD: President Biden has announced a withdrawal of all American troops from Afghanistan over the forthcoming months, completing the military exit by the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks that marked the United States into its longest war, US Officials. The United States officially started pulling out its last batch of troops from Afghanistan since Saturday, finishing its longest conflict closer yet in addition proclaiming a dubious future for a country in the fixing hold of an encouraged Taliban. US authorities on the ground say the withdrawal is now a work in progress - and May 1 is only a continuation - yet Washington has made an issue of the date since it is a cutoff time concurred with the Taliban in 2020 to finish the pullout of almost 2,500 soldiers. Th...