PCB Fires Selectors Wahab Riaz and Abdul Razzaq After T20 Cup

After the worst defeat at the T20 World Cup, the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) sacked selectors Wahab Riaz and Abdul Razzaq. Both Riaz and Razzaq are former Pakistan cricketers, bringing years of experience to the selection process. However, the recent World Cup results placed their selections under scrutiny, prompting the PCB to seek a new direction.

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has fired selectors Wahab Riaz and Abdul Razzaq after the team’s disappointing T20 World Cup performance last month.

The Pakistan team, which won the World Cup in 2009, lost to the United States. But unfortunately, the team failed to advance past the group stage in the recent 20-team tournament.

In a statement, the PCB said, “The Pakistan Cricket Board has notified Abdul Razzaq and Wahab Riaz that their services will no longer be required in the national selection committee setup.”

Abdul Razzaq was part of both the men’s and women’s selection committees. Despite being removed as head of the men’s selection committee earlier this year, Wahab Riaz remained a key member.

PCB Chairman Mohsin Naqvi had promised significant changes after the team’s World Cup performances. Following Pakistan’s close loss to India, he emphasized the need for major changes in the team. He said, “I thought the team required minor adjustments, but now it appears that we have to go for major surgery.”

Core Reason For Sacking

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has fired Wahab Riaz and Abdul Razzaq, citing discipline breaches and accusations of biased player selection. Sources report that the pair clashed with other selectors over their preference for underperforming players. Wahab specifically faced criticism for failing to address disciplinary issues within the team during tours.

Reports suggest that PCB Chairman Mohsin Naqvi has instructed actions against those creating divisions within the team. Wahab Riaz and team manager Mansoor Rana are facing a for not enforcing curfew timings and allowing unprofessional behavior from players.

The PCB’s decision to remove the selectors is part of a broader strategy to improve the team’s performance and address internal issues. The Board expects to waste no time in appointing new members to the selection committee as the next major tournament approaches.

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