FIFA Wishes Messi on His Birthday with Arif Lohar’s Song ‘Aa

FIFA recently celebrated Lionel Messi’s birthday in a unique way, using a song by Pakistani folk singer Arif Lohar to honor the football star. The song, titled “Aa,” released in 2023, has become popular not just in Pakistan but also internationally. On its Instagram account, FIFA shared a Reel showcasing Messi’s career highlights set to Lohar’s music, captioned in Urdu as “Messi ka Jadoo” (Messi’s magic).

This unexpected collaboration delighted Pakistani football fans, who expressed their excitement online. Many were surprised by FIFA’s choice of using a Pakistani song for Messi’s tribute. One user humorously commented, “I thought this was a meme fan page… things are heating up. Bohat aala!” (“Very cool!”).

Legendary Achievements of Lionel Messi

Born on June 24, Messi, a football prodigy from Argentina, celebrated his 37th birthday this year. His illustrious career includes numerous accolades such as eight Ballon d’Or awards, 10 La Liga titles, 4 Champions League trophies, and 7 Copa del Rey titles during his time with Barcelona. Messi holds the record for the most goals in La Liga history with 474 goals and famously surpassed Pelé’s record by scoring his 644th goal for Barcelona.

In 2022, Messi led Argentina to victory in the FIFA World Cup held in Qatar, thereby solidifying his status as one of the greatest footballers of all time. Consequently, FIFA’s gesture of using Arif Lohar’s song reflects the global appeal of both Messi and Pakistani music, showcasing the power of cultural exchange in sports celebrations.

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FIFA’s decision to feature Arif Lohar’s song in Messi’s birthday tribute highlights the growing intersection of sports and culture on a global scale. Moreover, by incorporating music from Pakistan, FIFA not only celebrated Messi’s achievements but also embraced diversity in its outreach to fans worldwide. Additionally, this gesture resonated deeply with Pakistani football enthusiasts, who saw it as a recognition of their country’s rich musical heritage on an international platform.

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